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Armchair gardeners may be poring over seed catalogues, gardening magazines, and dreaming of lazy summer days when they’ll be able to putter to their hearts’ content, creating wonderful outdoor portraits from a palette of shrubs and flowers. But, just as the realities of winter’s challenges such as snow removal and ice buildup are dim memories at the height of summer, the relentless routine of summertime yard work is easy to forget when all is covered in snow. Landscape and yard work specialists are available to assist homeowners in achieving their goals.

Flexibility is key to such a service. Clients have different expectations, and specialists will be happy to work with them to provide exactly what they need and want. Some people have no idea where to begin with landscaping design and will want to include that service. Other customers have some ideas, but need a consultation with someone that has experience and knows soil types, plant hardiness and has an eye for design. Most landscape workers are equally comfortable with hardscape and softscape design, and will work with property owners to achieve what they want to see.

A large part of the service is maintenance. Needs and expectations vary. Whether the need is for routine, economy service by way of grass cutting only, or for detailed, professional grooming, a maintenance plan can be worked out.

Specialty lawn tractors, with ‘zero turn’ makes it possible to get into even very tight areas, and have high suction too, which allows them to pick up unwanted animal “calling cards.” This kind of equipment allows the operators to do more than cut grass. With it, they can mulch, aerate and fertilize. While some people opt for fertilizing heavily once or twice a year, Randy Giesbrecht of Classy Grass leans to lighter, more frequent feedings, generally, six to eight a year. “That,” he says, “reduces the risk of burning and of leeching off too much fertilizer into sewers.”

From tiny city lots to expansive holdings, whether urban or rural, commercial or residential, help is available for yard and garden work. Shaping trees or hedges, pruning or transplanting are tasks that can be done for a fee. Budget constraints may limit a customer’s choice of service, but not the availability of that service.

One-time service in preparation for a special occasion or regular care, landscape service providers are the outdoor counterpart to your housekeepers. Do remember though that not every client will be able to have last minute grooming for the weekend, so be prepared to be flexible.

Some people choose to hire a landscape service when their physical mobility is restricted. They may still be able to use a riding lawn mower, but need help with the edging. Others who are away from home for extended periods may need help to ensure the continued health and beauty of their yards and gardens. Others just need extra help with the spring cleanup that is so obviously needed after winter snows melt away.

If you understand how much work is needed to achieve your dream you and your landscape worker will be able to work out a schedule and a budget that is realistic for your needs.

A love for the out-of-doors, enjoyment of landscaping, and willingness to work hard allow Randy to make good on his promise, “We’ll make your yard beautiful.” That need not be a dream; that can be a reality thanks to the diligence of your yard and landscape service provider. But, it takes time to turn dreams to reality, so it is important to book the service you want in advance to avoid disappointment. Procuring the services of yard groomers will allow you to enjoy your yard and free up some of your time for other interests.

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