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Colour Therapy

The use of colour in a space tells a store, and, when used right, can be visually striking. Here are a few tips for adding pops of colour in your home.

Text by Lisa Canning, As Seen In Canadian Home Trends Magazine Winter 2014

Area Rugs


While area rugs can be investment pieces, it is worth having one or two on rotation to change up your décor. Since they usually occupy a significant amount of space in a room, they can ground a colour scheme and add a vibrant pattern. For those who fear commitment, FLOR makes a carpet-tile product that’s easy to install, can be reconfigured into different shapes, changed to create a border or stripe pattern, or lifted and used in a new room all together.


Paint is one of the simplest ways to add a splash of colour in a room. For less than fifty dollars and in one afternoon, an entire room can be transformed, or a dynamic focal wall can be created. Plus, I love how easily paint can be changed. Unlike high investment pieces such as custom furniture, a room can go from bright and bold to sophisticated and subdued with the change of a paint colour. If you are unsure which colour to select, hire a design professional for an in-home paint consultation.

Throw Pillows

Photography by Larry Arnal

Photography by Larry Arnal

I am somewhat of a throw-pillow addict. I ’ve been known to swap out pillows in my home at the same rate that I change my shoes! I love how quickly throw pillows can change a room’s colour scheme. To add a dynamic punch, try using a combination of solids and patterns all within the same colour family. A solid yellow pillow next to a yellow striped or yellow ikat patterned pillow will provide variety and visual texture.


Etsy Artwork

Dressing your walls with art adds a unique and personalized dose of colour in a space. Whether it be an investment piece purchased from a gallery, or a child’s painting matted and framed, art can be the inspiration for an entire room’s colour scheme. is a great resource I’ve recently been introduced to for purchasing art. When purchasing art through Etsy you can support emerging artists from around the world.

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