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Composite Flooring Benefits for Your Condo Balcony

Composite Flooring – With spring fast approaching, we’re all looking forward to spending more time outdoors, enjoying the views, the fresh air and the extra living spaces our balconies and decks provide. A balcony or deck can be valuable living space for those who live in condos and small spaces, and making the most of that space is paramount to getting the most enjoyment out of your home! 

In most condos and apartments, the outdoor space features a cold, concrete-like floor that is utilitarian and not terribly inviting. Adding a wood floor to your balcony is the perfect way to create that warm, welcoming outdoor space. But wood can bring with it a variety of issues including rot/water damage, insects, maintenance requirements and more. So what should we do? Enter Co-Extrusion Composite Flooring – the perfect solution for your condo balcony!

Composite Flooring

What is Co-Extrusion Composite Flooring? 

Co-extrusion composite tiles are high performance flooring options that are ideal for balconies and deck spaces. Made from Bamboo fiber and eco-friendly recycled plastic, the tiles give you the look and feel of wood, without the maintenance. A process called co-extrusion, where the internal bamboo fibers and recycled plastic composite cores are sealed using extremely high temperatures and pressure, ensures the tiles are completely waterproof and scratch-resistant. 

Condo Kandy’s NexGen Composite Floor Tiles and Platinum Series Plank Flooring are perfect for condos because they are designed to float above the balcony or deck surface. This allows for proper air circulation and prevents water and debris build up, but it also means they are easy to install, removable and do not permanently alter your condo.

Composite Flooring

Why Choose Composite Flooring?

Waterproof: The co-extrusion process ensures complete 360-degrees of waterproofing. Condo Kandy’s composite tiles and planks will never require any additional resealing or maintenance to remain completely waterproof. 

Budget Friendly: With the rising cost of natural resources, the ease of installation and the lack of maintenance required for composite flooring, they are a more affordable option. Made from recycled materials, they are also a sustainable choice, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact at the same time. 

Low-Maintenance: The waterproof, scratch resistant tiles and planks require very little upkeep. The co-extrusion process results in a product that is warp, crack and fade resistant. It will not rot and splinter like traditional wood and is impervious to termites and other insects that are often a problem with traditional wood surfaces. 

Condo-Approved: This floating system requires no glue, grout or nails to install which means the integrity of the building envelope is maintained. For this reason, Condo Kandy flooring is approved for use by most condo boards. It is a good idea to check with your condo by-laws prior to installation. 

Where Do I Start?

Book an appointment with a Condo Kandy consultant today! They will come to your home and help you select the right product to create the look and feel you want to have in your space. Once the perfect flooring option has been selected, they offer white glove delivery service and an innovative installation process that begins and finishes in the same day (in most cases), making the whole experience simple and enjoyable.

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