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SMALL SPACES: Five Ways to Customize Your Condo

1) How big does your condo feel?

  • Reflective surfaces (like mirror, chrome, etc) or glass surfaces have all of the function of a side table, surface for your coffee or wine, (so all of the function) but no aesthetic weight as they are either see through – or reflect the items around them and give a feeling of space.
  • Be able to see under all the furniture – more floor I can see – the bigger it seems (chairs with chrome legs, sofa that I can see under – tv component stand that is wall mounted allow me to see more floor so the whole place “feels” larger)
  • Use only two colours – one focal or accent – one neutral – simplicity works well
  • Store things in boxes or closed cubes- fewer colours the easier to deal with
  • Keep the flooring the same throughout – define space with carpets and furniture
  • Flat ceilings as opposed to popcorn – messy but good!
  • How about leather floors or off white polished concrete?

2) Lighting

  • Good lighting isn’t all that usual in condos – make yours spectacular
  • Create a drop panel ceiling of stained wood or drywall, suspended over the dining table to get create intimacy and get chandelier where you need it!
  • Remove doors that don’t need to be there! Do you need a door to the office/den in a small condo? Remove it! A door to the ensuite bath AND a bedroom door – fewer doors allow more light through spaces
  • Replace doors with glass panels to bring light through –If you need the door how about a glass panel with frosted glass – light and privacy combined!
  • Add frosted glass doors to closets and laundry/ storage rooms and install a light in the space – – good for you to see what’s there- but also gives the illusion of another room or a balcony or just more space beyond the door – AND provides the room with ambient light!
  • Whenever there is space in a condo ceiling to install pot lights be sure and do it! – good over head lighting will keep things bright and create mood zones when you need them using dimmers where possible
  • Use Track lights, as a second choice when pots aren’t possible (concrete ceilings etc) The effect of brightness is great but the fixtures are more prevalent – – Using the existing octagon boxes you can get light where you need it without “swag” cords or surface mounted wires
  • Floor and table lamps are good to round out lighting but not perfect as “general lighting”

3) Window Coverings

  • Roller blinds for light and heat issues
  • Side panels for softness – high ceilings – go floor to ceiling for drama! — sheer

4) Function

  • Built in storage uses all the available space – everyone has the same issue with condos regarding storage – make yours fantastic! – go right to the ceiling and use as a feature as well
  • Closets can go to the ceiling – you have to remove wall above those sliding doors which is only really there to accommodate the height of a standard door the builder used – use that top space for off season!
  • Use multifunctional furnishings so you have the things you need in just one piece
  • Coffee table converts to dining table
  • Storage coffee table pulls up to include desk and storage
  • Storage bed with lift mattress (often no room to get under the bed
  • Murphy beds

  • Use the walls not the floors (10x10x10 room – 100 sq ft floor and 400 sq ft of wall!)

5) Interesting Architectural detail

  • Old church window as an art piece
  • Wrought iron fencing as a detail
  • Columns
  • etc

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  • Great article…I agree with all, we even have work reflecting your tips on our fb wall…please feel free to come check it out! thanks again Glen!