Condo flooring trends are constantly evolving but we have you covered with the top trends to keep in mind when renovating your condo.

Design today is all about creating low-maintenance, bright and open spaces that bring together traditional ideas with a modern twist.

What is the most popular color for hardwood flooring?

Dark wood floors are slowly losing their appeal. While they offer a beautiful, dramatic punch of color, they are also known to be more high maintenance and darken a room.

Lighter blonde or beige flooring is becoming a popular choice as homeowners look for lower maintenance options that will brighten up a space.

These lighter colors also tend to be more versatile, working with a wider variety of décor and color schemes.

What is the latest trend in flooring?

While wide plank options are still king for condo flooring trends, another popular choice is the traditional flooring patterns like Chevron and Herringbone.

Homeowners are choosing wide plank flooring and having it installed in these traditional patterns. The wide plank gives the pattern a more modern look and feel, creating the perfect blend of styles. – Zain Peerani,

Your Questions Answered…

Can I change the flooring in my condo?

condo flooring

Yes, you can change the flooring in your condo. Many condo-owners upgrade their basic condo flooring to hardwood or engineered wood floors and by doing so increase the value of their overall condo.


What can you change in a condo?

what can i update in my condo

You can change anything cosmetic in the interior of a condo. Depending on your condo regulations, changes may need to be approved by the condo board.

With that being everything from flooring, wall and ceiling paint, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures and many more can be updated in a condo renovation. The only thing you are not allowed to update is the exterior perimeter such as the windows and exterior walls.

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