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Bathrooms That Never Go Out Of Style (Timeless Forever)

How to design bathrooms that never go out of style in a few simple steps. 

Renovating a bathroom can be a major undertaking and while you want to create a modern look, it’s important to ensure your bathroom won’t look outdated to quickly as well. Here are five popular choices that are both trendy and classic at the same time.

Seamless Design

bathrooms that never go out of style - shower drain

A linear drain with integrated tile work creates a seamless look.

The clean, crisp look of a seamless design it a popular choice today and can give your bathroom a high end look and feel that is timeless at the same time. Products like Quartz by ACO‘s shower drains that allow you to incorporate your tile work into the drain itself give your shower a custom look that won’t grow old any time soon.

Smart Storage

bathrooms that never go out of style - shower storage

The Alessa shower base from Fleurco offers classic styling with built in storage and seating!

With space always at a premium, integrated storage options are a great way to maximize the space in your bathroom. Options like custom built in storage and shelving units, hidden storage and shelving integrated into shower units are great ways to maximize the use of your space. These stylish storage options are a classic choice that will improve the functionality of your bathroom for years to come.

Creative storage options never go out of style. Photo source: Pinterest

Classic White

White is a classic choice that doesn’t go old. While it can be tempting to gravitate to fixtures in trendy colors, keep in mind that these can become dated quite quickly. Remember the powdered blue and pastel pink tubs and toilets that used to be a popular choice? If you love color and want to incorporate it into your bathroom, consider using color on pieces like the faucet or decorative items that are much easier to change down the line if the color starts to look outdated, especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Tub as a Focal Point

bathrooms that never go out of style - freestanding tub

A tub and shower combination that still gives you a luxury freestanding tub focal point. Photo Source: Houzz – Stephani Buchman Photography

Using a freestanding tub as a focal point in the bathroom is a popular choice and adds a feeling luxury to your bathroom that won’t go out of style. Short on space? Create an oversized shower with a linear shower drain from Quartz by ACO for a seamless lookand then install the tub inside the shower! You get that same trendy look without needing as much space for a separate tub and shower!


Technology has found its way into almost all areas of our lives and the bathroom is no different. There are many options available to improve the functionality and comfort of your bathroom. Riobel recently released a new product that lets you easily control the water temperature in your shower for comfort and safety.

Many suppliers now offer shower heads with built in LED lighting, speakers and more.

Smart toilets with automated flushing, lids that close and open on their own, integrated bidets and even self-cleaning options are a popular choice as are mirrors with TVs, touch screens and lighting built in. While new technologies are always being added to the list, choose fixtures that offer options that will improve the comfort and function of your bathroom and you’re sure to love them for many years to come. 

Keep these simple to follow tips in mind when renovation bathrooms to ensure that they never go out of style! 

It’s All In The Details

Bathrooms with lots of classic details in the millwork never go out of style. This stunning bathroom by Two Fold Interiors has timeless moldings and architectural details that will still look great decades from now!

Something Old, Something New..

Antiques never go out of style and that is the reason that furniture-inspired vanities will always look fantastic in a bathroom. When selecting a vanity, always opt for a solid wood cabinet. This will ensure that you can refinish it as years go by without having to change the unit.

Bathroom With A View

Keep your finishes to a minimum and let nature take the center stage! When designing a bathroom around a stunning view, you can rest assured that it will always look fabulous!

Go Natural

When in doubt, always choose natural materials. These may cost more upfront but they will give you the best value for your dollar in the long run. Besides, natural stone never goes out of style!

Subway Tiles

If you have no intention of renovating your bathroom in a decade from now, then go with a classic white subway tile. They are the most versatile (sometimes overused but still stunning) tile you can install in your bathroom.

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  • Lighting is going to be your key here. If space allows, look at installing pot lights in the ceiling to keep the bathroom feeling light and airy. Light finishes with a few contrasting details and a large mirror will also help!