According to projections released last year by Statistics Canada, average life expectancy is 79 years for men and 83 years for women. Put simply, life expectancy is on the rise, particularly for the increasing number of seniors who make it a priority to take care of their health well into old age. But with old age comes a shift in needs, and the experts at Blythwood Homes specialize in reflecting that shift via the design of their townhouse plans.

Getting older is simply inevitable, but how you live as you get older is completely up to you. Keep reading for some key features Blythwood Homes has to offer.

Low Maintenance Living

Traditional homes certainly have their upsides, but they also require rigorous upkeep, including yardwork, repairs, and snow removal in the winter months. Contrary to common belief, condo living isn’t the only way to mitigate this kind of upkeep. Residents of Blythwood townhouses enjoy convenience akin to that of a condo or apartment, without sacrificing space or independence.

Wide Hallways and Doors

As a standard, all Blythwood properties feature wide hallways and doors to better accommodate wheelchairs and other assisted walking devices. Even if this doesn’t suit your current needs, it may just meet your future ones.

Main Floor Accessibility

Stairs can prove to be a challenge in old age, and beyond that, they can pose an imminent risk. In that vein, Blythwood offers a wide selection of bungalow-style floor plans, with all amenities on the main floor, including all principal rooms, bedrooms, and the laundry room.

Outstanding Design

Beyond being practical, all Blythwood-built homes boast energy efficiency, long-term durability, and unparalleled fine craftsmanship, right down to the finishes. Residents also enjoy 9-foot or higher ceilings and extra-large windows, to better reap the benefits of natural light.

Move-In Ready

Like what you hear? Visit the Blythwood Homes website to view current homes for sale or to get started on customizing your future dream home. 

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