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Craftsman Features for Your Kitchen

Craftsman style was derived in the 19th century, posing a welcomed alternative to the refined Victorian style, (notorious for being meticulous, ornate and orderly), that had dominated the home decor world previously. Instead of the rigid lines of Victorian style furniture pieces, designers began to shift their focus towards durability, functionality and warmth, embracing the use of materials like natural wood, such as oak. Simplistic by definition, craftsman style furniture pieces are created with minimal machinery, (unlike Victoria style furniture, which tends to be mass produced), and have a heavy structural design.


Craftsman style has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and has breached the world of kitchen design. In 2016, we grow estranged from the stainless steel that was once the kitchen norm, opting instead for the warmer look of wood when it comes to cabinetry, seating, countertops and floors.

Photo Source: http://countertopinvestigator.com/

Photo Source: http://countertopinvestigator.com/

Photo Source: countertopinvestigator.com

Though wood is the predominant material used in craftsman style décor, other materials such as tile, glass, stone and metal can be considered a part of the style, so long as they have been handcrafted.


For your backsplash:

Photo Source: digigraphystudio.com

Photo Source: digigraphystudio.com


For your lighting:

Photo Source: houzz.com


For your cabinet door inserts:


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