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Create a Shaded Oasis

84481HA shady space in your yard, especially one that provides an escape from late-afternoon sun, can be the perfect cooling and calming getaway spot. Combining shade-loving perennials and annuals in a subtly contrasting mix of shape, texture and colour assures beauty and restfulness in this peaceful retreat.

“Take a look at the PC hosta called Cool as a Cucumber for example,” says Peter Cantley, gardening expert for President’s Choice brand. “This plant features long, tapered leaves with bright green margins and white centres. The name itself invokes calm, cool feelings – and this hosta is ideal for areas with minimal sun exposure.”

Keep the final height and width of your chosen plants in mind when placing them in the garden. Taller plants should be placed near the back of border gardens or at the center of island-style gardens. Make sure to arrange your selections in clusters of three to five plants of each variety for the most eye-appealing end result.

The size of your garden area and the individual space requirements of each type of plant you choose will determine how many plants are needed. Check individual plant tags for the correct spacing and the size of maturity to help you decide.

To really accentuate the calming atmosphere, think about adding a small water feature. Pair the soothing sounds of a fountain with a hammock plus your favourite book and your shaded area will be a perfect little summer oasis.


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