It’s all about making your outdoor space feel like an extension of your indoor living rooms. Everyone has outdoor living spaces, but now it’s all about the decorative touches! Here are a few helpful tips to get that perfect outdoor look.

  1. Statement lighting. Whether it is in a chandelier format or large lanterns, whatever it is make it big!
  2. Add a Rug. It instantly cosies up the area and makes it feel like an indoor living room.
  3. Pillow it up! This is an easy way to add colour and fun patterns to any space.
  4. Bring it outside. Add decorative elements outside that you would usually find inside outside. Mirrors are stunning on a wall or fence! Add accessories to your tables like you would find inside. Lamps are a great way to add mood lighting and create that indoor feel.
  5. Use a Pot! Adding plants to any patio is stunning but to add that extra touch, plant them in a decorative or coloured pot for that finishing touch within your space.


Photo Source: Pottery Barn


Photo Source: Pottery Barn


Photo Source: Crate & Barrel


Photo Source: Crate & Barrel


So let the Patio decorating begin!


Until next time,
Jo Alcorn


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