Christmas lights have come a long way since their invention, and as far as Christmas light displays go, the sky is the limit. Keep reading for five unique applications for Christmas lights.  

Make Them into a Sign 

‘Tis the season for typography. NOTE: This rather heavy art piece is best suited for a table top or floor display.

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Visit Spaceships and Laser Beams for full instructions on how to DIY this Christmas Lights Board Sign. 

Recreate This Beautiful Christmas Ladder 

The ways in which you can repurpose an old ladder are manifold, extending to include holiday decor as well. This DIY-er has created an elaborate display using an old ladder, planks of wood, white paint, pillow stuffing, and traditional Christmas decorations.  

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String Yourself a Christmas Tree 

For those limited by allergies, pets who gnaw at branches and needles, and small spaces, there are many creative Christmas tree alternatives out there, ranging from cardboard to chalkboard to wall decals. Here’s one more, featuring a piece of plywood and string lights.

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Visit A Pair & Spare for full instructions on how to recreate this String Light Christmas Tree. 

DIY These Origami Fairy Lights 

This DIY-er loved the idea of fairy lights, but did not love the steep pricetag associated with them. So she recreated her own using nothing more than LED lights, paper, glue or double-sided tape, and a needle and thread.  

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Visit The Tiny Honeycomb for full instructions on how to DIY these Origami Christmas Lights. 

Stencil These Kid-Friendly Christmas Lights 

Got little ones running around? We love this Christmas-light-inspired project courtesy of Debbie Chapmanand your kids will love playing with chalk inside the house.

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Visit One Little Project for full instructions on how to recreate this Stencilled Christmas Lights project. 

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