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Creative Ways to Use Paint

Use Patterns, Shapes,  and Lines 

An interesting way to use color in a space is through geometric shapes, blocking, and lines. Think: wallpaper-like patterns, two tonal walls, and ombre. The trick part boils down which color combos will look best and most harmonious. We suggest complimentary hues that fall on opposite ends of the warm/cold spectrum. Tip: Use painters tape to create geometric patterns and straight lines, and to prevent colors from bleeding together.   

Our Beauti-Tone paint suggestions for dual colored walls: complimentary hues, such as You Look Mauve-lous and Mantis Green. 

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Paint Your Ceiling  

Just like on your walls, the paint you use on your ceiling can add or take away visual weight. Create the illusion of a more intimate space with a dark hue on the ceiling, or make a small space seem more spacious with a light one. Tip: The most efficient way to paint a ceiling is to to begin with the corners and perimeter. To fill in the center of the ceiling, use a roller to paint in continuous, parallel lines, rolling towards yourself.   

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Our Beauti-Tone paint suggestions for ceilings: Saxon Blue (to make a space feel more intimate and luxurious) or Green Glass (to make a space feel more spacious). 


Create a Faux Stair Runner 

An actual staircase runner can look dated and end up being a tripping hazard. A painted runner, on the other hand, is edgy, modern, and trip-hazard-free. Use the runner as an opportunity to add a bold pop of color, or use it to create cohesion between the color schemes on the upper and lower floors. TIP: Before you begin painting, you’ll want to fill any gaps between the rises and the treads using a foam filler, and smooth it over with spackle.   

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Our Beauti-Tone paint suggestions for painting a faux stair runner: On the Greens, Optimistic, or That Tickles for a bold pop of color.  


Freshen up Your Trim 

High gloss paint works best for trim because it reflects the light, making this previously neglected element of your home stand out. For a contemporary effect, paint the walls and the trim the same color, with the walls being the flat version of the hue, and the trim being a high gloss version. TIP: For best results when painting your trim, sand, and paint using short, horizontal strokes.  

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Our Beauti-Tone paint suggestions for trim painting: Satin Slipper or Satin Sheets. 


Incorporate Your Furniture 

Rather than selecting the paint color for your walls based on the furniture you already own, why not expand your possibilities and restatement-ize your statement pieces. In the photo below, a previously brass statement chandelier was painted white, transforming the fixture from dated to contemporary. The basics for furniture painting are relatively straightforward: sand, prime, paint, and protect. TIP: Use a water-based protectant to ensure a long life for your paint job.  

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Our Beauti-Tone paint suggestions for furniture painting: White Dew or Roman White.

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