Mount Cedar Homes is a construction management firm that specializes in custom homes and major renovations. The owner, Jad Atwe M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP, elaborates on the thought process that was followed during the design of the main floor area for the company’s latest custom home build.

The planning phase is an exciting time as we work with the architect, designer and our clients to explore different options, understand what works best for our client’s lifestyle, taste and budget. Every home comes with a unique set of requirements that include: lot size, location, zoning, budget, etc. 

The project optimization begins with proper space planning. On this project there was about 970 sq.ft. of main floor area that approximated a square. Creative planning of the layout with a full understanding of how the homeowners wished to utilize the space ensured efficient design without sacrificing a large proportion of the space to hallways. 

When entering the home, a large 8ft main entrance door provides a dramatic and luxurious atmosphere. This continues walking into the foyer area that is open to the second floor above. Depending on the space the company is working with, incorporating an open concept layout combined with large window and patio door openings makes the main floor feel spacious and airy as exterior light is invited into the living area. 

In terms of the interior finishes, wide planks of engineered flooring that extend throughout the entire space helped provide a continuous flow. Custom vent covers add charm and a seamless look. 

The kitchen is a focal point with two toned cabinets for contrast. White oak for the lower cabinets closely resembles the flooring with the navy uppers. For appliances, the selection criteria were based on performance and energy efficiency. This allowed to splurge on quartz countertops, quartz backsplash and a porcelain slab at the fireplace mantel. 

The end result is a space that flows easily and includes elements that provide a luxurious feel. Finally, Jad emphasises the importance of engaging both the design and construction teams early on, as this helps deliver a spectacular home within budget. Mount Cedar Homes,

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