You want to get your home sold but the Holiday season is right around the corner. Do you list now, during Christmas, or do you hold off? We spoke to Chris Duffy, an agent with The Group at Re/Max First for his take on what sellers should consider at this time of the year. 

Duffy suggests that the best time to list your home is when the time is best for you. There are certain factors that affect selling at any time of the year. The adages that Spring is the best time to sell and that you should never list in December really don’t tell the full story. Supply and demand are the key factors for salability at any time, and in any market. “In December, there are fewer buyers” says Chris “but, they are from a much more serious buyer pool. Further to that, many sellers pull their homes off the market, so the competition is lower. You will likely get less for showings, but a higher quality of shoppers” he surmises. 

Chris has several suggestions to maximize your sales potential during this period as well. “Don’t be afraid to list in December, but do it well prepared and with a strategy.” Make sure your pictures are taken before your decorations go up, so if it is still listed in January, it doesn’t look out of place. As is always the case, make sure the pictures portray a well staged and clutter free home with broad reaching and value building appeal. Try and list between the first and tenth or so otherwise wait till the middle of January. And it if it is up, keep it up. “I’ve sold homes on Boxing Day and New Year’s day. People still buy homes during this period, and it’s not a Boxing Day Special” he chuckles. 

Make sure your walkways, drive and deck are all cleared of snow and there is a large boot mat at the door. The winter months are sloppy and wet and you don’t want that tracking through the house. 

“When you’re ready to decorate do it tastefully and minimally.” The biggest concern is really having your home still feel large roomy and spacious. A tree and a few other festive items are really enough. “You don’t want people coming in and being distracted with great holiday decorations, you want them to come in and be captivated by the great kitchen, or fantastic living room.” Pick a few pieces of your holiday décor and show them off nicely. Don’t overdo it, and don’t forget, people buy year round, so you have to be ready to make your property into someone else’s new home. 

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