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Design Board: Light & Playful

I LOVE THIS LOOK because it is light and bright. The deep tones of the Autumn Bronze colour act as a playful accent that does not dominate the colour scheme. The walls (Cloverdale 8427 Wishing Star), bed and side tables in light neutral tones add a mixture of materials and textures to the room. The streamlined light fixtures are translucent, making the space look and feel bigger. The accent colours bring personality to the room with rich pink hues in the accessories and accent pillows.

WHY DO YOU LOVE WORKING WITH AUTUMN BRONZE? Autumn Bronze is an interesting colour because of its versatility. It imitates traditional red wood tones found in mahogany and cognac leathers. When paired with complementary colours such as teal and turquoise, it becomes more modern and lively. When Autumn Bronze is paired with warm pink and purple tones, it creates a rich colour scheme.


  1. Select your room colours from Cloverdale Paint. –
  2. Hang a chandelier from Union Lighting. – www.
  3. Lay this beautiful rug from Elte. –
  4. Place this upholstered bed from West Elm. –
  5. Add elegant side tables from West Elm. –
  6. Add a beautiful dresser from West Elm. –
  7. Create a pop of colour with a beautiful art piece from Absolutely. –
  8. Add lamps from Union Lighting. –
  9. Add beautiful accessories from Absolutely. –
  10. Finish with accent pillows from West Elm. –
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