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Master Ensuite

This master ensuite and bedroom was designed to provide a much needed retreat at the end of a long day for a homeowner with two young adult children still living at home. The goal was to create a space that would feel like an escape and provoke emotions of calmness and comfort. The overall design offers a contemporary feel with touches of luxury and elements of softness and comfort.

The showpiece of this master bedroom is a stunning, custom upholstered king-size bed with a custom headboard of thick, ribbed upholstered channels that run from the floor to the ceiling. The luxurious fabric used for the headboard gives the space a hotel-inspired feel and contrasts beautifully with the moody, deep navy color on the walls.

Master Ensuite

The available space offered enough room for the custom upholstered king-size bed with two generous nightstands on one end of the room, a master bath and closet on the other and a custom 6-drawer dresser directly across from the bed with a TV mounted above for easy viewing. In the small nook across from the door into the master ensuite, a good sized reading chair with a beautiful piece of art above creates a cozy space to relax with a glass of wine and a good book. – Gabriele Pizzale,

Photography; Mike Chajecki,; Contractor; J&M Contracting

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