1950s Ranch Redesign – This ranch home gets a major makeover while still preserving some of the original character.

The Home Before Renovations Began

CANADIAN HOME TRENDS WHAT WAS THE GOAL FOR THIS PROJECT? DARYL BENDEN This two bedroom, one bath, 1950s ranch home was home to a young couple with one child and a second one on the way. The home needed a modern update and more space to accommodate the couple’s growing young family. The finished home is hardly recognizable with a complete second floor added offering four spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The finished home is hardly recognizable!

CHT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT SOME OF THE PROBLEMS YOU FOUND IN THE ORIGINAL HOME? DB The home looked fairly solid at first but a closer look revealed rot, mold, outdated electrical work, fire damage, a sagging roof and more. The home had to be completely gutted, including removing all drywall and replacing electrical and plumbing to ensure everything met current codes. CHT WHAT OTHER CHALLENGES DID THIS HOME PRESENT?

This brick wall was one of the features of the original house that was integrated into the new design.

DB It was very important to the homeowners to preserve some of the original character of the home while still injecting a modern flair. While the home looks like a totally different home, we did preserve a brick wall, railing, wood wall and other elements of the original design and worked them into the new design which makes the home truly unique as well. – Ridgewater Homes, www.ridgewater.ca For this 1950s Ranch Redesign and more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click shopCHT.com
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