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Eternity Roses

Faux flowers have long been the go to for home décor that is low maintenance and long-lasting but they are never quite the same as the real thing. Eternity Roses offer the perfect solution! These are real roses, naturally preserved to retain their original shape, color and form. They can last up to 3 years, giving you the beauty of real roses but without the maintenance or short lifespan!

Bita Floral, http://www.bitafloral.ca


As we strive to cut down on our environmental impact, turning consignment pieces into reclaimed, repurposed, recycled or refinished pieces is a growing trend! Here are a few great ideas for repurposing your favorite consignment find.

1. Add a bright colored fabric to a traditional chair.
2. Turn a China cabinet into a sturdy book storage for your living room or library.
3. Whoever said that night tables had to match? Find two different night tables you love and paint them the same color.
4. Repurpose silver-plated sugar and cream containers to hold your makeup brushes.
5. Make a chalkboard from an old window!
6. Cover a dresser or buffet with a slab of granite or marble for a new kitchen island.
7. Recycling, reclaiming and repurposing are an eco-friendly way to show off your personal style. It’s all about finding the beauty in a piece that may take a few moments for the shock value to wear off!

Minor fixes like replacing the knobs or hinges are easy and sometimes all it takes is a quick coat of paint to reveal a diamond in the rough!

Jacky Bernier, The Millionaire’s Daughter, http://www.themillionairesdaughter.com


Customized Elegance

When choosing seating for a commercial or hospitality space, it is important to find the right balance between function and style. Use in these high traffic areas means you need pieces that will hold up to heavy wear but you still need to maintain the look and feel of the space. These gorgeous chairs from Sita Chairs are one of more than 150 styles available. They are made of high quality European Beech wood. Completely customizable, these chairs can be styled to suit any décor and will withstand the daily use of these high traffic applications making them perfect for hospitality, commercial or residential use alike!

Sita Chairs, http://www.sitachairs.com

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