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DIY Dresser Redo

When selecting furniture for a cottage or second home, it’s often our leftovers or cast-offs that find their way there in an effort to be budget conscious and reuse what we have. Upcycling your old pieces to give them a new life at the cottage is a great way to give it a fresh new look with minimal environmental footprint and little budget needed!

On the 2022 Cottage Special Episode of the Marc & Mandy show, we took an old wooden dresser that was still sturdy but outdated and gave it a fresh new look. We applied a bit of painter’s tape and Frenchic’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic chalk and mineral based paint! This self-leveling paint gives a stroke free finish for a professional look! We used paint from the award winning Lazy Range which is the perfect choice because it has the primer, paint and finish all in one. There’s no need to add a wax or finish coat when you’re done!


To create the pattern, we applied painter’s tape to the dresser after ensuring it was clean and dry. For this geometric pattern, we used the holes for the hardware as a guide and a ruler so we could create a symmetrical pattern across the front. We painted the sides in solid white but left the top and legs of the dresser natural for that cottagey wood and white look.



Proper prep is key but it doesn’t have to be hard! Clean the surface of your project with Sugar Scrub, give it a “scuff” sand and then wipe clean. You’re good to go!

Frenchic Paint is a self leveling paint so be careful that you don’t overwork it as it dries fast! Apply even coats. The first coat will be streaky but resist the urge to overwork it and fill in the color with the first coat. The color will build with each coat. Most projects require three or four coats! Apply each coat smoothly
and leave it as it will self level, leaving NO Brush marks!

Frenchic Canada,

Let it cure! Frenchic paint dries quickly (within hours) and is extremely durable once cured. Full curing takes about 21 days and you should handle your project with care until the curing period has passed.

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  • Wow what a change! It looks so much more oryginal and creative than it used to! Plain boring wooden dresser now so stylish and modern, wow!