87444bHThe thick bed of snow that covered your backyard over the winter didn’t offer much in the décor department and it likely left you dreaming about the warmer months ahead. So now that your perennials are giving life back to the scene, why not give your whole backyard some DIY love to get everything looking like summer again?

Here are a few tips to help you:

Decorate and add personalized touches. Bring the indoors outside with colourful pillows, candles and even a rug. An upcycled antique door or window looks great propped up or mounted on a fence. Get creative!

Design the gardens with sustainable polish. Make your vibrant garden a focal point of the backyard with earth-friendly and beautifully designed products made with recycled Ontario tires. Manufacturers Multy Home and New Rubber Technologies produce robust and environmentally-friendly items for the home, including garden edging, flooring and stepping stones made right here in Ontario. You can find them now at local home improvement stores for a quick sustainable makeover on any outdoor space.

Give your plants a boost. Don’t forget, plants need food to grow too – and there are many different types of fertilizer available at your local gardening store. From organic to liquid to granular, the right one can help your garden to blossom. Be sure to ask a gardening expert what’s best for your particular flora and fauna. Alternatively, if you have a composter, did you know that old banana peels can make for great plant food?

No matter whether you’re out to create a lush garden or a relaxing patio area, check-out more creative backyard solutions in the Fresh Home Ideas e-guide, available at RethinkTires.ca.


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