Dorm room – Moving from high school to university changes students’ lives as it is time to move away from home and live in dorms. Usually, the dorms are like an empty slate, and it is up to each student how they use it. 

Many students often feel homesick and find it difficult to cope with these changes. To make the best of your dorm life, it is best to create a unique space that leaves you feeling at home. It also becomes a great hangout spot with new college friends.

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Make the space your own

The dorm walls are empty and thus act as your canvas for the time you spend in college. Make the space yours by adding polaroids, photographs, and posters of your favorite celebrities or fashion icons. You can create a photo wall depicting your life and capturing some beautiful moments you spent with your loved ones. Get your dormmates to add in their pictures and make the space look much more interesting and personalized.

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Decorate with lights

Fairy lights and small lanterns are a perfect match for your dorm room. Spruce up the place with lights around the pictures. These lights also add a great photo opp or give a beautiful background every time you facetime with family or friends outside the college. These lights make the room look beautiful when it’s dark and thus help you on gloomy days or when you are homesick.

Invest in good quality lamps

Lamps are another great lighting source and add a chic decor element to your room. Place the lamps on the bedside or near your cupboard. You can play around with the space allotted to you and add many lamps. You can place one large lamp that emits enough light to change the way the dorm looks. You can add colored paper and cloth to the lamp to change the area.

dorm room
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Put some plants

Indoor plants not only add color to your space but are also quite healthy for you. You can add plants to your bedside, cupboard area, or even place them near the dorm window. Yet, you must remember that taking care of these plants is essential. 

You could take turns with your dorm partner to water the plants and take care of their soil. If you are usually busy during the day at college, try to bring flowers and plants that do not need heavy-duty care.

Decorate with an equipment

College is a time when students love to experiment and play various instruments. If you are also one of them, you can use the guitar or the equipment you love as a display in your room. It also adds to making conversations about music better and can help you find the right mates to jam and play instruments with within your college dorm.

Make the bed comfortable

At home, our beds are usually kept neat with clean bedsheets and pillows. Managing your washing routine might be difficult as you are in university. You must take time to keep your bed looking neat and comfy so that each time you hit the bed after a long and tiring day, you feel at home and at ease. Throw in quirky cushions and pillow covers that add to your personality.

Add curtains and mirrors

Adding a mirror not only helps you to make the space look bigger but also helps you look your best as you attend college classes. You could even add curtains to your window area to make it feel more homely. These small yet significant changes are all you need to make your room look unconventional. You could decorate the mirror with small elements or stick your college notes. 


The dorm room is your personal space in university. And the decor only adds up to your personality, making the space look not only personalized but also add character to it. Look for small, easy ways to decorate your space and make it a great chilling and jamming spot with your college mates. You can even look up the internet for inspiration or unleash your creativity to make this space.

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