Downsizing used to be a term with inherently negative connotations, associated with struggling companies and job loss. More recently, heightened interest in minimalistic living has given renewed life to the term. Today, when we hear the word downsizing, it’s associated with a low-stress, low-mess lifestyle. If you’re planning a move to a smaller dwelling, we’ve got some downsizing tips to help ease your transition in a low-stress, low-mess manner.  

downsizing tips

Adopt a Positive Mindset  

Let’s face it, getting rid of your stuff is hardly an easy feat, and for first-time downsizers, it can be downright depressing. This is why it’s so important to keep the benefits of downsizing in mind. When it doubt, remind yourself how much easier it will be to move, unpack, and stay organized long after your move with less stuff in tow.  

Make a List of “Keepers” 

Another way to combat any downsizing blues is to make a list of your must-have possessions. Try to maintain the mindset that everything that’s not on this list is expendable.  

Reevaluate Your Belongings

Moving to a smaller space gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your belongings. A good rule of thumb for downsizing is: if you haven’t used something in the last few years, you probably don’t need it at all. When auditing your belongings, a good place to start is the kitchen and the garage, as these areas tend to have less sentimental value. 

Get a Second Opinion  

If you’re having trouble letting things go, it might be time for a second opinion. The fact that these are your belongings may prevent you from being objective, so consider calling upon a friend or family member for some tough love, a reality check, and the push you need to get the downsizing underway.

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