Easter basket and creative filler ideas can be hard to come up with other than candy and chocolate. Here are 10 creative fillers you can do this Easter!

easter basket and creative filler ideas Photo Source: mommybrainreports.com

Photo Source: mommybrainreports.com

Chocolates and sugary sweets are the usual go-to fillers for Easter baskets, but why not get a little creative this year? The cool thing about Easter baskets is that they allow you quite a bit of freedom. Here are 10 creative fillers for your Easter baskets this year.

If you’re looking for Easter basket and creative filler ideas for kids:

  1. Lego
  2. Coloring books and crayons or mini markers
  3. Sidewalk chalk
  4. Funky shaped sunglasses
  5. Flip flops

Kids aren’t the only ones who love to get Easter baskets! If you’re looking for Easter basket and creative filler ideas for adults:

  1. An adult coloring books and pencil crayons
  2. A planted pot or seeds with planting instructions
  3. A bottle of your favorite wine – we love this one
  4. Specialty coffee beans and teas. Don’t forget a nice travel mug! Grab this funky camera lens mug from our store here
  5. A treat they can make at home. Check out our Mason Jar Cookies

If you’re feeling especially innovative this year, why not skip the basket! Try large mason jars, painted planter pots, egg cartons or a children’s beach pail instead!

Practical and fun basket ideas can also include new rubber boots for jumping in puddles or an open umbrella turned upside down and filled with goodies! (We love this umbrella!)

easter basket and creative filler ideas Photo Source: rd.com

Photo Source: rd.com

Don’t forget to have fun and let your creativity roll free! There is no wrong way to do an Easter Basket

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