Eco-friendly Easter Basket Ideas

We love these Eco-friendly Easter Basket ideas and great tips!

Easter and eco-friendliness may not necessarily go hand-in-hand but they should. Keep reading for four festive ways to make your Easter holidays more environmentally friendly.  

Dye Your Eggs Naturally 

We don’t have anything against food coloring, but why not go to the natural route, if there is one. Many natural dyes can be concocted using common household products, such as cabbage, turmeric, and onions – and in a wide variety of colors too! For all your Easter egg dying needs, click here.

DIY Your Easter Grass 

Alternatives to traditional petroleum-based Easter grass, usually used as filler for gift basket or presents, can be easily made at home. Use scrap paper to make your Easter grass, or purchase Eco Grass made from sustainable materials, such as non-plastic Aspen wood fibers. Another idea is to use colorful yarn, which can be reused post-Easter.  

Stay Away from Individual Packaging 

One of the biggest sources of waste, during any holiday season, tends to be the excessive packaging that seems to come hand-in-hand with processed food. During the Easter season, individually packaged chocolates and other treats are typically the culprits. Rather than buying individually packaged sweets for Easter egg hunts and gift baskets, consider buying bulk snacks and packaging them yourself with something natural or reusable. Homemade baked goods are also a good option. 

We love these reusable travel-sized bags!

Compost Your Leftovers 

And finally, the eco-friendliness does not stop once the last gift basket is given out or the last hidden treat is found. Keep the environment in mind when cleaning up. Be sure to recycle and store decorations and compost unwanted leftover food items to ensure your Easter celebrations are eco-friendly from start to finish.  

As you can see, finding eco-friendly Easter basket ideas isn’t difficult and can in fact be a lot of fun!

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