CANADIAN HOME TRENDS Can you talk about this eco-friendly cottage’s design and the layout?

COLONIAL CONCEPTS The design began with our Balsalm Model and modified by the owners to meet their particular specifications.  Windmill Developments was looking for a few different designs and found that the Balsalm Model was the perfect layout for modifications and changes when creating a eco-friendly cottage. The kitchen and great room featured an open concept with one bedroom on the main floor and 3-4 on the second floor. Colonial Concepts Log & Timberframe was chosen for our high-efficiency, eco-friendly technology.

CHT Can you talk about what inspired the overall design of this eco-friendly cottage?

CC This fractional development is Whitewater Village in Renfrew, Ontario. Their idea was to create an eco log village with a low carbon footprint for families that are conscious of our environment and love the idea of outdoor
living – swimming, canoeing, boating, etc.  The idea is that the eco-friendly cottage designs would fit the fractional consumer who would likely invite their families and friends to stay over. This led to design changes to accommodate extra bedrooms. There is also a private sun deck over the screened-in porch that is a great outdoor gathering area for the families.

CHT If you could describe this eco-friendly cottage in a few words, what would they be?

CC An indoor-outdoor nature room enjoyable for daytime and nighttime entertaining.

CHT What is a common mistake people make when designing a log home or eco-friendly cottage?

CC A common mistake is trying to implement too many rooms in a small footprint. Open concept gives a smaller footprint a larger feel. For those working with a budget, keep in mind that a cost effective measure is to choose a smaller footprint with an upper floor rather than a one-storey bungalow. Costs are better spent on your show items such as fireplaces, kitchens, etc.

As Seen In: 2020 Cottages Special Edition

Built by Colonial Concepts,

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