Curb appeal and sustainability do not have to be two autonomous concepts. In fact, the two can easily go hand-in-hand. Keep reading for a few creative ideas to enhance your curb appeal without compromising your care for the environment.  


Choose Your Paint Carefully 

Some of the most popular ways to improve curb appeal have to do with painting, be it your front door, your trim, or your siding. It’s no secret that most paints contain harmful toxins that can contribute to air pollution, are difficult to filter out of the water supply, and are generally harsh on the environment to say the least. Instead of traditional paint, look for paint with low (or preferably, zero) VOC, which can usually be purchased at the same places and at a similar price point as paint with high VOC.  


Plant with Water Conservation in Mind 

Of course, a beautiful garden at the front of your home can greatly improve your curb appeal – but at what cost? As do all living things, gardens require a steady supply of water, which can quickly become copious amounts of water, if you’re not careful about what you’re planting. Try to fill your garden with drought-resistant growths, which won’t require as much water to look just as great. Some examples include, catmint, lavender, Russian sage, and rosemary.  


Consider Solar Energy 

What could be more attractive to potential buyers than a home that runs on sustainable energy! Though implementing solar energy in your home comes at a hefty price, the rewards you stand to reap down the road make it a worthy investment for some. As the décor and design industry stands right now, household sustainability is quickly transcending from novelty into norm, and embracing solar energy is a great way to reflect that in your curb appeal.

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