The exterior of your home holds a fair amount of clout in terms of curb appeal and regardless of whether or not you have plans to sell, the way your home looks from the outside tends to inadvertently influence the opinion of the home as a whole. Ensure your home is giving off reputable vibes with these four tips.  


The Importance of Symmetry 

Though it isn’t always apparent, the appeal of things that are aesthetically inclined are often closely tied to how symmetrical it is. This rings true for clothing, facial structure, and architecture. When it comes to home design, symmetry and visual balance are key, and these can be achieved by placement of windows, doors, landscaping, and color choice. 


Coordinated Colors 

Not sure where to start when it comes to exterior paint? A safe bet is to take a trip to your neighborhood hardware store and take a look at a bunch of neutral hue paint chips. Once you find a chip you like, select three hues that are a few shades apart. Use one as the dominant exterior paint, one for trim, and one for accenting features.   


An Enviable Entryway 

Depending on its placement, your front entryway provides a focal point to your home and should be decorated as so. Using paint, shrubbery, and unique hardware and lighting to emphasis your front entryway enforces this sense of a focal point and can vastly improve the aesthetic appeal of your entire home. Consider choosing a hue that contrasts with the rest of your exterior paint (and if you’re looking for something subtler, never underestimate the impact of stark white). 


The Magic is in the Lighting 

Choosing lighting nowadays is a feat on it’s own, given the diverse and customizable selection available to consumers. If you’re stuck on how to light the exterior of your home, a safe bet is to simply match or mimic the style of your home. If your home is traditional looking, consider decorative sconces in a weathered metal; if your home is contemporary and is comprised of clean lines and angles, ensured your lighting choices follow suit.

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