Your home’s feng shui is decided by the decor of both the interior and exterior of your home. Even if you’re not totally sold on the ancient practice, it can’t hurt to cautiously embrace a look that evokes positivity, harmony, prosperity, love, and happiness. Keep reading for our tips on bettering the overall energy of your home’s exterior.  



The teachings of fen shui encourage ties to nature and in the realm of home decor, this can be achieved via your exterior paint color. Nature inspired hues, such as green and blue, encourage positive energy flow, in conjunction with vibrant, colorful hues, such as red or orange, which should be used to accent. Feng shui experts also recommend taking into consideration the neighborhood in which the home is located and selecting hues that work harmoniously with surrounding houses and other man-made elements. 



Think of your front entryway as the first impression of your home, and as such, it should emanate vibrancy. This extends to everything from the color of your front door, to the pathway leading up to it, to the tidiness of the landscaping surrounding it. If you’re not quite sure what color to paint your front door, the teachings of feng shui identify the color red as being linked to prosperity and abundance and green being linked to nature and money. For more idea on what color to paint your front door, check out our article, (link) 

Other feng-shui-friendly entryway decorating ideas include flanking the front door with tall plants, employing a colorful welcome mat, (link) and hanging white lights, said to attract new opportunities. 



As you’ve probably gathered, nature queues are key when observing the practices of feng shui, as nature represents liveliness, renewal, and growth. According to feng shui, different directional sections of your garden promote different kinds of positive energy. The northwest section, for instance, is said to be associated with personal growth, while the west section is linked to creativity.  Just as you would if you were observing feng shui indoors, your garden should accommodate plenty of energy flow via smooth, curved pathways. To lend some audible ambiance to your garden, hang wind chimes, which are thought to give off healing vibrations.  

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