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The Best Hues for Your Home’s Exterior

The paint you choose for the exterior of your home not only directly effects your curb appeal, but also the personalities of its residents. Contrary to common practice, exterior paint is far from limited to white, off-white, and beige. Furthermore, since exterior paint color trends generally tend to have more staying power than their interior counterparts, repainting your home is more often than not a worthwhile investment. That said, keep reading for five updated color theme ideas for the exterior of your home.  



The color yellow has a lot of positive associations that extend past sunshine. Yellow, on the exterior of your home, will lend a look of friendliness, hominess, and of course, warmth. If yellow on its own doesn’t feel as modern as you’d like, consider a contrasting hue for accents and trim, such as black. 



It’s always a safe bet to decorate your home with a naturally-inspired mindset as these colors tend not to go out of style. If an all-blue home is not exactly what you had in mind, try blue accents on an otherwise neutral-toned home, which will enforce subtle focal points.  



What’s not to love about a good pastel? Pastels are pretty, fun, and carefree. On the exterior of your home, a pastel hue will lend a feel of Instagram-esq whimsy.  



Though you may not see a lot of it, black is an increasingly popular exterior paint pick for contemporary homes. This is due to the fact that, much like a tried-and-true LBD, black is flattering when it comes to architectural features on a home. For trim on a black home, consider contrasting white or shiny black. 



Lastly, there’s grey, our reigning favorite new-neutral. For a look that’s both current and timeless, a versatile shade like grey will suit any style of home. Try grey on dark grey for a look that’s simple but sophisticated.

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