PROBLEM #1: Upon entry, there are too many pairs of shoes and jackets. The front hall closet is too crowded.

SOLUTION: Entrance-ways should be void of shoes which can cause odors and closets should be edited. If closets are full, buyers will think storage is an issue. You are moving anyway, so begin the packing process early. Start by going through closets and setting up three piles: donate, toss and pack. Designate an area for packed boxes either in your basement or your garage in an organized fashion. Put clothes to donate straight into the trunk of your car and drop off on your way to work. This will save you time and money in the end. Remember: Buyers will be opening and looking in closets, bathroom cabinets and refrigerators. These are fixtures that come with the home so they will be looking at what they are purchasing.


PROBLEM #2: Too much furniture 

SOLUTION: Often times the realtor will ask if rental furniture is required and my response is as long as the clients’ furniture is in good shape and not outdated then we can use it. Most often, just eliminating or redistributing furniture will make the home feel more spacious. I always try to work with what the client has and shopping within the home before suggesting rentals. For example: Using 4 chairs instead of 6 chairs in the dining room will make a small dining room appear larger.


PROBLEM #3: Lighting When selling we have to think about how the home will show during the day as well as at night.

SOLUTION: Pot lights add value to a home but if this is not an option then ensure there is sufficient lighting throughout the home by replacing light bulbs with the maximum wattage that the lamp or light fixture will allow. Replace burnt out bulbs if required and dust off the cob webs. Remember to leave the outdoor lights on. Buyers will often drive by to view the home at night.

PROBLEM #4: Painting Buyers will pay more money for move-in-ready homes. Painting goes a long way and adds value to any home. Painting with lighter, more neutral colours like grey, taupe, cream or white will appeal to the universal buyer.

SOLUTION:Unpainted homes make painted home sell faster. Remember if you won’t paint, your competitor will.

Problem #5: Artwork A lot of times I will either see artwork that is hung too high or artwork that is just too small in relationship to the sofa or headboard.

SOLUTION: For a standard 8 foot ceiling height, I will usually leave a 6” to 8” space between the top of the sofa or headboard and the bottom of the picture. For higher ceilings, artwork can be hung a little higher which will visually lower the ceiling height.


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