Although TVs have been with us for some time now, they still seem to be out of place in many living rooms.  Simple ways to ‘hide’ the TV include wooden screens – antique or modern – or adapting furniture to house a TV.  Modern TVs are certainly easier to handle than the original versions – though screen sizes seem to grow each year.  While cinema sized screens may not fit into every home, any TV can look out of place in an interior design scheme – partly because TVs tend to be designed with a single approach.  One flat screen TV looks much the same as another – and if you are creating a unique design in your own home they can jar!

Secret locations

Furniture designed to disguise or hide TVs has been around as long as the TV itself.  Today the design of TVs has helped to make this task a little easier.  Flat screen TVs are easily framed, and can even be completely hidden by utilising mirror glass or an artwork which hides the TV screen when not in use.  While this type of technology may seem a little James Bond – it is not only easily available but also very affordable.

TV frame by frame

The three main solutions for TV framing include

  • A simple frame to help blend the TV into existing or proposed colour schemes
  • A TV mirror solution – this combines specialist mirror glass which is functional as well as attractive when the TV is not in use.
  • Picture frames – these operate using a motor to cover the screen with artwork of your choice when the TV is not in use – and reveal it when you need.

Handmade quality and design

There is an increasing range of suppliers and manufacturers that can offer to create one or all of these solutions.  Many use traditional joinery skills to create bespoke frames – as standard.  When it comes to choosing a style for your frame these manufacturers will offer the most flexibility.  To ensure that the frame you purchase is going to work with the designs in your home you should have as much control over the design and colour as possible.  With manufacturers and craftsmen who offer bespoke services you can be sure that this will be the case.

Room for manoeuvre

As many modern homes feature several TVs in different rooms, a TV frame can offer a range of different and attractive options to suit each location.  Bedrooms will particularly suit a mirror frame – creating an unusual and useful dual function for your TV.  They can also be great space savers in many rooms – getting the TV up on the wall and out of harm’s way while also creating a great secondary function.  Whichever type of frame you choose you can be sure that you are adding a unique, attractive design element to your home – to help create the perfect rooms for you and your family.



A TV mirror frame not only hides your TV – a perennial problem for interior designers – but is in itself a beautiful addition to a room.  Frames made by hand, using traditional skills, are available from to add the perfect finish touch to any room.



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