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What Type of Wood Flooring is Right For Me?

A common trend in the past was, to use carpeting on floors. Today, a new flooring trend is happening where many exotic wood species are now offered for flooring. One rationalization for the demand for wood flooring in homes is it is a lot less likely to cause allergies. Another major factor in this flooring trend has been the availability and acceptance of such woods. Here, are some of the most popular woods used in flooring today.

Mahogany wood is a rich, elegant wood recognized for how strong it is. This wood also has exceptional resilience. Given its hardness Mahogany is a superior choice. Mahogany has vast amounts of color variations from yellow to red to brown. The wood can also be golden color or a darker. The grain ranges from soft to medium; as a result, it will never feel coarse or rough. This wood displays a quality look of sophistication. This wood takes polish exceptionally well; it will provide a high luster. Mahogany is beautiful flooring material; however, it is becoming more and more difficult to find.

Jarrah wood is a popular wood choice for flooring. It is well known for the density and stunning coloring of the wood. This wood has maroon to reddish brown to dark pink tones with black streaks that normal run throughout. Its rich, warm coloring is what makes this such a highly prized wood. The grain is straight with even texture; sometimes other variations may be present. Jarrah is a remarkably dense wood. It is extremely strong and heavy wood, which makes it a perfect floor covering for high-traffic areas. This flooring material will provide an everlasting look of class and sophistication for years to come.

Marri wood is also known, as the red gum. This wood has variations of color ranging from light yellow to soft brown. The coloring and distinctive veins are what sets this wood apart from all others, and makes it particularly appealing. The feature, which, makes this wood distinctive is the black veins that run thorough the wood. This wood is popular due to its unique and attractive features. This unique flooring material has become a highly popular selection for flooring because it has magnificent features and a natural grain.

Not only is wood flooring contemporary and fashionable today, it is a modern look that can last for years. The intriguing look of wood flooring defines any space in the home or office, adding personality and beauty into any room. In general, a wood floor is more durable and resistant to damage from the wear and tear that comes from daily use. For a beautiful and impressive floor, wood can not be beat.


For a beautiful range of timber floor options, Lifewood Floors can arrange fast and clean installation of a range of wood types, including Marri timber flooring and Jarrah wood.

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