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Five Reasons Why Geeks Have Cooler Homes Than You

Though it may not seem like it at first glance, geeks grow up into responsible adults too, the only difference between them and you is that their houses are way cooler than yours. Not only do they have the power of pop culture and a horde of movies to back this theory up, they’re also smarter and easily forgiven for owning things that would ordinarily look better on the bedroom shelf of a bratty five year old…


1. You eat plain old toast before rushing off to work in the morning while geeks enjoy toast with the face of Lord Vader lightly burnt into it. Yep, a Starwars toaster is probably one of the first things any self respecting geek will get their hands on when moving into their own lair, because who wouldn’t want to eat a piece toast with an evil helmet imprinted on it, with some jam.

2. If they haven’t whipped your mediocre butt in the food arena with their giant ominous toaster already, geeks definitely take first place at the table with the R2-D2 pepper mill. We have to admit, it is kind of awesome and gimmicky – simply twist the robot’s head and he’ll drop a load on your food. Er, yum!

3. In the inconceivable event that your geek isn’t a Starwars fan (gasp!) they’ll probably have a set of retro Lego kitchen accessories to cool-up their house instead. The block building empire sells a myriad of cool stuff for the home, including containers with Lego block lids, Lego head egg timers, salt and pepper shakers, cutlery, cake moulds and even popsicle moulds – epic. Dinner parties will be fun!

4. Better than any other fridge magnet invented ever… the Ninja Shuriken Magnets by Yanko Design give geeks an excitement aneurysm every time they scrawl a note. They’re useful and they look like ninja stars imbedded in the fridge surface – now any geek can remind himself of the new Captain America movie while appearing effortlessly cool.

5. You dread cleaning the house but when you’re a geek nothing ever has to be mundane. With a vacuum you can actually ride, how could it be anything other than awesome? It was actually designed as a way to get parents to encourage kids to help out with chores but that’s irrelevant – why should kids have all the fun!

Jacky Letard is an international content writer and has a lot of experience in the world of writing. Her current work consists of cookware novels and top 100 curtains designs. When she isnt writing she enjoys diving into the internet and expanding her knowledge.

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