Some homes are more technological marvels than simple living quarters, and they’ve long been the subject of curiosity for the outside observer. Whether they’re modern architectural wonders or stylish futuristic interior leaders, there are some houses that take the cake when it comes to imagination and invention…


1. With multiple houses under their belts, the team at Proto Homes are bounds ahead of the rest when it comes to technologically and architecturally superior homes. Their offerings are product-like homes, each coming with their own design and structure but waiting for a home owner’s thumbprint to activate their features. They come with an iPad which is used as a control and each house has the option of being upgraded as time goes by – think of your home as a computer and the upgrades as new applications which can be added on. Each home is built according to different specs and entire customisations are possible. The designs are smart, eco friendly and intelligent in every way. Everything can be controlled wirelessly with one remote, from the temperature and lighting to the audio and visual aspects, including security cameras and other extras, like a fireplace.

2. One of the most famous houses ever, Bill Gates’ mansion even has its own Wikipedia entry. It’s been the subject of fascination for years due to its technologically advanced set up and eccentric details, though it may not look very futuristic from the outside. Two notable features of Xanadu, as it is nicknamed, are the library with a domed roof oculus and one of the most cutting edge theatres known to man, which can be found under the house. There’s also a subterranean basketball court which doubles as a 10-car parking lot. Anyone living in the house need only wear a sensor to communicate with the various gadgets in each room. This ensures every individual has a personalised experience in every wing of the mansion, which will change lighting, music, temperature and more, according to personal preference, as they walk around.

3. A house called Dupli Casa in Germany is one of the most spectacularly modern houses around. A three-storey villa, the angles of the house are astoundingly psychedelic from certain perspectives. The focus of the house is on weightlessness and fluidity, which the architect got spot on with his design. Large panoramic windows show off the view while the large atrium and minimalistic floors create a space that designers go ga-ga for.

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