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With spring comes a rush of energy to freshen our spaces. It’s traditionally a time for deep cleaning and jettisoning out worn or broken items, but this spring, why not take it a little deeper? Take a closer look at how things are actually organized in your home, for it’s the perfect time to consider rearranging things to serve you better.

Have you suffered from overflowing closets or piles of clutter? Or how about things you don’t use because you can’t reach them or worse find them?! Then read on for some terrific tips and tools to tackle those trip-ups by improving access to storage space and getting things flowing again.

 Pull-out drawers for lower cupboards: Have you noticed that new kitchens and bathrooms are filled with organizing accessories that make them much more convenient to use? If you’re hankering for modern conveniences, but lack the budget (or inclination) for a full reno, Consider installing pull-out drawers in your lower cabinets. Canadian Gliding Shelf Solutions puts an end to digging around on your hands and knees to get at your kitchen tools or toiletries. Instead, make them come to you. Custom drawers are a worthwhile investment that will let you take full-advantage of your empty storage space in your cupboards. By maximizing your space, and making it all accessible, you will have no choice but to keep it organized.


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Fold and find your clothes: Tired of re-folding messy piles of clothes, then consider Pliio™ Clothing Filers. They not only make folding easy, they let you ‘file’ your clothes inside a drawer or storage box so you can find them at a glance. Look for this Canadian invention to hit retailers this summer.

Calm the closet with flocked hangers: The quickest way to add sense of calm to your closet is to simplify hangers by selecting one type to use. For women’s clothing in particular, I am fond of fabric-covered hangers which provide friction so that even the slipperiest of clothing stays in place. The hangers’ sides slope gently to avoid putting those annoying bumps in your clothes, and an extra thin profile adds space savings to the robust list of benefits.


Photo Source: Gliding Shelf

Lighten your load: Laundry is considered a necessary evil for most people so anything that speeds up the process or makes it more pleasant is much appreciated. Laundry sorters help provide a tidy location for pre-dividing clothes before washing. Choose the categories that make sense to you – lights, darks, colours, hand-wash, sports, or by person. Removable bags make sorters much more comfortable to use. Neatfreak® makes a sorter containing Everfresh™ which eats unwelcome odours.

Take control of your pantry: When organizing kitchens for clients, a common trouble spot is food storage. I often see pantries bursting with a mountain of dry goods stacked one on top of another. Converting your pantry with Gliding Shelf Solutions pull-out drawers will bring the back of the cabinet out to you. Seeing what you have in the pantry will guarantee savings on your grocery bill. No longer will you buy items you already have but can’t find, or find items that were buried in the back and expired in Y2K. Re-organize where your items go by height and by frequency of use. Items used more often should be at the appropriate height from your knees up to your shoulder level. Occasional supplies can go on the bottom or top for storage. Now that’s smart!

Text by Clare Kumar

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  • I came across Pliio at a Homeshow last year and love them. Also found LiftnFind Dividers which I love for my business travels! Have you seen them? New products are always fun to try.

  • Actually purchased these on the Shopping Channel and put them to good use right away! Great addition to my other favorite clothing organizers FlipFold and LiftNFind…Thanks Pliio!