Tell us which room in your home needs new flooring the most and you could win a $250 Gift Card from Flooring Canada!

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  • My bedroom flooring really and desperately needs to be done. When we bought the house it we really thought that it would not take this long and so much money … We did as much as we could, but we are going to continue on renovating where we can …….. I cannot wait for the home to be fisished. The house is so old that you can tell by the flooring just how old it was. and when we tore our kitchen apart there were three layers of walling in our home. and the newspaper we found was dated in 1940’s it was well made but I think who ever renovated the home had aweful taste, and there are only one plug in in each room. ONE. it is so annoying. I just want the renovating over with so I can look around our home and thank god it is over. And hopefully never buy an older home again.

  • The Flooring Contest Canada is wonderful. But it is too bad that in order to enter it properly and have a chance to win I have to Pinterest this, Tweet that, Instagram, etc. etc. I do not know how to do half those things. What happened to the ‘fill our your name and address’ type forms, and simply just enter. I am ok with facebook and yes have a twitter account etc. but there are a lot of things I do not know or understand how to do. So I guess my chances of ever winning are pretty well NIL.

  • Hello Bev – thank you for your interest in our contest. The only requirement in order to enter the contest is to answer the poll question. The additional entry options (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are all optional ways to earn extra entries and are not mandatory. You can take advantage of the ones that make sense to you – and just leave the rest. Best of luck!

  • Hello just in time to finish the look of our Loft, The flooring is out dated grey tiles. We are willing to do the work, Thanks for the offer . Bye for now Suzanne

  • Our living room! The rug extends into the hallway where you enter the washroom, therefore, it gets much traffic and always looks dirty. We have had it cleaned numerous times but it only looks nice for a short time. How I need to win this! lol

  • Our basement family room still has carpet that we inherited from my Dad’s house….I avoid the room altogether.

  • All over my house needs new flooring. But the basement needs it more after the ice storm flooding. Please help. Tks.

  • My kitchen. When we moved in there was hardwood throughout the whole first floor. With twins under 2, our kitchen and floor is always a disaster!

  • My main floor which is an open plan kitchen, dining room and Living room. With boxers my floors take a beating. I need beautiful, durable, easy clean flooring.

  • my kitchen and living rom need new flooring badly. when we moved to this house someone used bleach on the laminate floors and took the finish off. I tried everything and they still look aweful…

  • We live in a 140-YEAR old Historic home…..and needless to say, there are many floors that should be upgraded. We need new flooring in three bedrooms and our kitchen. Winning this gift certificate would help us get started.

  • I have been bugging my husband for new flooring, especially in the living and dining rooms in our home. It is open concept and a small area, but the carpeting has been destroyed by two cats that I rescued from the ditch.

  • I had a flood in the house and never got the floors replaced, half the house has boards on the floors lol. I do plan to get floors again someday.

  • we just bought our first house and is taking up the old carpet dat has been there 7 years and putting down hard wood or lam. need help . ty

  • we are working at finishing our family room downstairs
    in need of carpet or hardwood flooring. this project has
    been in the works since 1995. a busy family life has now
    slowed that we can now design & build our family room
    ourselves. we would appreciate some help with flooring.

  • I will love new flooring through out our house. The tiles are breaking and missing grout. Carpets are worn.

  • I’m in the process of redoing the flooring on my entire 1st floor. I need to change the flooring throughout the house. This would definitely help. I hope my luck changes for the better 🙂

  • Our living room! Only problem … it continues along the hallway and into both bedrooms! That’s a LARGE room, but it would be awesome to win this.

  • Recently bought new leather couches for our family room and now I am looking to buy a new area rug. This would definitely come in handy

  • Definitly the kitchen ! The ceramic looks like the ancient look of Mc Donald !