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For Expecting Mothers: 8 Tips for Getting Your Home Baby Ready

pregnancy-1253752__180Bringing a newborn home for the first time is an inarguably exciting yet terrifying experience. Ease some of that first time anxiety with these 8 tips on getting your home, and yourself, baby-ready.


  1. Baby proofing your home. When it comes to baby proofing, your best bet is to start early. Secure any heavy furniture to the walls, tie up and hide window cords and other strangulation risks, install latches on cabinets and drawers, cover up electrical outlets and install safety gates to block stairways


  1. Paint. This is a great way to get excited for your new born. Have fun with colours, patterns and pictures. You want your baby’s first room to be a fun one! Tackle paint early so that noxious fumes are long gone by the time you deliver.


  1. Carseats, high-chairs and baby monitors – oh my! Check mommy blogs and product websites thoroughly before you buy and ask around to friends and families for suggestions. When it comes to monitors, there are three types of monitors: sound, video and movement. Look into the pros and cons of each one and ensure you are making the right choice based, not only in practicality but also taking into account personal preference.


  1. Food Prep. Account for the fact that once you bring your new born home, you will have zero time for you. Recruit some help from friends and family if need be, but make sure your freezer is stocked with easy but hearty meals.


  1. Find a reputable pediatrician. Ask friends, scour internet reviews, and ask around at the hospital for recommendations. Some pediatricians actually will let you come meet with them before the baby is born for a “meet and greet” appointment. This is an excellent way to ease some of that pre-baby anxiety.


  1. Pre-wash baby’s clothes. You may not necessarily have to do this, but on the off chance that your little one will have sensitive skin, it’s a smart preemptive measure to take. Better safe than sorry!


  1. Look into an energy efficient washing machine. Your laundry rituals are guaranteed to increase in frequency once you bring baby home. In the interest of saving money and energy, look into replacing your current model.


  1. Declutter. Make sure you are bringing baby home to a clean slate of sorts. Clutter can not only be hazardous to a curious newborn, notorious for sticking anything and everything into his or her mouth, but also for Mom and Dad who are more than likely going to be running around with a million things to do. Clutter can be a tripping hazard and a general nuisance so tackle this pre-baby.


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