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For New Mothers: Preparing Your First Nursery

sweet-dreams-1423423When it comes to the exciting process of decorating and furnishing a nursery for the first time, there are so many things to consider. You want the space to look cute, but also practical and organized. Here are a few tips for first-timers on preparing your nursery.


Room decor. Boy? Girl? Don’t know yet? Either way, you’re probably not planning on bringing baby home to a Plain-Jane nursery. Before you start choosing decor, be aware of your room’s measurements and what you are able to fit without crowding the space. As excited as you may be, you want to avoid overcrowding the room with stuff before you’ve brought your little one home. Stick with the basics right off the bat: a crib, changing table, dresser, and a feeding chair (rocker or comfy arm chair) just for you. Add other items later.


To crib or not to crib? When it comes to your baby’s sleeping options, a crib isn’t your only option. Traditional cribs are smaller than crib beds and allows the option to extend the bed as your child grows. A co-sleeper is another option, which is a crib that you can attach to the side of the parents’ bed.


Room safety. First of all, be aware of crib safety. Make sure the slats are close enough together to eliminate the risk of getting heads and limbs stuck in between. Regularly check screws and bolts on the crib to make sure they are tightly fastened. If you’re including shelves in the nursery, ensure that they are nailed securely to the wall. And arrange your nursery so that window cords are unreachable.


Room location. Where you put the nursery is just as important as what you put in it. Consider things like proximity to your room, and where it faces in terms of natural light. Additionally, if you have other children, you want to make sure that the baby’s room is enough distance away so as not to wake the whole family when the baby needs a late night feeding.


Include things for you, not just for the baby. For example, a small day bed by the window if you have the space, or a comfortable rocking chair. You will no doubt, be spending a whole lot of time in your baby’s nursery. That rocking chair is a a great piece for you to relax on while creating a soothing motion for your baby at feeding time. The nice thing about a rocking chair is that it is a timeless, a classic piece that you can use even after your baby grows up.


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