420-friendly gift-giving ideas for everyone. The sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products became legal across Canada in October of 2018. Over the past years, classy, boutique-style dispensaries have opened up across Canada, providing consumers with a safe, comfortable shopping experience with knowledgeable staff. If you have a cannabis user on your gift list this year, you may have some questions about the legality of purchasing and gifting cannabis and cannabis products. We sat down with Helene Vassos and the staff at Canvas Cannabis, a small chain of boutique dispensaries in Toronto, to find out what you need to know about cannabis gift giving!


Yes, it it is legal to gift cannabis in Canada. The only requirement for gifting cannabis or products that contain cannabis is that the individual receiving the gift is over the age of 19. Those wishing to gift cannabis should also be aware that the legal transportation limit for cannabis is 30g in Ontario. Some legislation may vary from province to province so if you are unsure, talk to the expert staff at your local dispensary.

Friendly gift-giving ideas for those new to the cannabis scene. Can you recommend some gift ideas my loved one will appreciate?

We now offer gift cards at Canvas Cannabis which is a great gift idea if you aren’t sure what your loved one will want. The gift cards, currently available at curbside or over the phone, are elegantly designed and can be loaded with the dollar value of your choice. If you prefer something more personal, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas!

CBD/THC Topicals are a great choice for gift giving, especially for those who prefer not to smoke cannabis but enjoy it’s properties and benefits. One product we recommend is the Apothecanna Body Cream. Light and moisturizing, this body cream has a mix of both THC and CBD. It can be used to relax muscles and care for skin after sun exposure.


A grinder is a basic tool for cannabis users but it doesn’t need to be boring! The Totem Grinder is a beautiful, hand-turned wooden showpiece that could just as easily be a decor piece. Made of walnut and anodized aluminum with an extra deep storage container, this is a lifestyle piece for the smoker with a more refined taste.

If you’re looking for an elegant gift with a heartfelt story that also gives back, the DeAngelo Waterpipe Set is just the thing. This waterpipe is meant to be seen and appreciated! The set comes with the water pipe, tray, storage jar, and succulent spray. The ceramic set features a trendy textured charcoal pinstripe and burnished copper finish. DeAngelo embodies the steadfast strength and conviction of its namesake, the esteemed Mr. Steve DeAngelo, the father of cannabis and the founder of the Last Prisoner Project. The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit coalition dedicated to decriminalizing cannabis and freeing those wrongly incarcerated. Mr. DeAngelo’s valor and unfaltering advocacy for those who have suffered from unjust cannabis legislation are heartfelt, inspiring, and a reminder that we can all play a role in creating a modern, savvy, and just cannabis culture! A portion of the proceeds from the DeAngelo Waterpipe Set goes back to the Last Prisoner Project.


Using a cannabis vaporizer is an alternative to smoking cannabis that is growing in popularity because it is cleaner, simpler and produces less odor. For those wanting to venture into the world of cannabis vaporizers, we recommend the TOQi Starter Bundle – The ultimate 510 battery kit.

Still not sure what they will like best? Have Canvas create a custom gift basket with your favorite edibles and beverages. With a wide selection of gummies, chocolates, sparkling sodas and more, we can create a custom basket that fits your tastes and your budget! (And yes, curbside contact-less pick up or delivery is available in the GTA as well!)

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