Furniture Staging Tips – When staging your home, your goal is to appeal to a wide range of buyers to ensure you receive numerous offers, sell your home at top value and sell quickly. Your first step should be to engage the services of a professional home stager to ensure nothing is missed but here are a few more tips you can use:

Photo Source: Lux Furniture Rentals

AVOID USING PERSONALIZED STYLES I have heard many stories of homeowners disagreeing with their home stager because they “don’t like it.” Remember, you’re trying to sell your home. It’s not about what you like but what will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers so keep an open mind! As a general rule, stick with neutral colors and add pops of color here and there that work with your current space.

FIND THE RIGHT AUDIENCE Trying to nail the right look can be difficult. Think about the neighborhood, demographics and the features and limitations of the space you’re trying to stage. Is it mostly families living and/or moving into the area? Young professionals? Upscale area? Condo vs. detached home? Knowing the type of buyer interested in your neighborhood can help you create a style that matches that audience.

Another Furniture Staging Tip is to BRING IN FRESH PIECES Most of the time you’ll need to bring in rental furniture to freshen up and update the look of your home. A reputable furniture rental company offers you the chance to replace or supplement your existing furniture with pieces that will appeal to your target buyer. At Luxe, we offer a variety of vignettes showcasing different colors, trends and sizes to fit any space and we constantly update our inventory to ensure we have plenty of options available. Home stagers and homeowners can choose to use an entire vignette or you can mix and match pieces in order to tie together the overall look and give your home that WOW! factor that buyers are looking for! – Andre Janveaux, Lux Furniture Rentals,

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