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Text by Lori Broadfoot

Today’s lawn and garden tractors are designed for the same level of comfort you may find in some automobiles, with features such as tilt steering wheels, adjustable armrests, cruise control and power steering. Mowing decks can be found in a variety of widths and will trim grass at precision heights. Some have a mulching feature which instantly re-cuts grass into fine particles that can be left on the lawn to sift into the turf adding nutrients to the soil.

Even self-propelled walk-behind tillers can have features like 5-speed and reverse transmissions. Some mowers can be self-propelled at a regulated pace, with controls on the handle, and some are covered by years-long guarantees to start every time.

Tow-behind attachments available for tractors and ATVs include: mowers, aerators, de-Thatcher, fertilizer spreaders, seeders and tillers. Sizes and features are available for every need and budget.

An innovative tow-behind implement called Sweep-All has been designed for clearing turfs of sand and gravel, dropped fruit, twigs and other debris, this versatile power rake attachment performs tasks that otherwise could only be done by hand. A covered 42 cubic foot (33 bushel) hopper has a self-locking gate, and can be easily dumped. Various models and sizes of the Sweep-All can be attached to an ATV or a 16 to 40 horsepower tractor with either three-point or universal hitches. Available in four to six-foot widths, the Sweep-All can be operated from the seat of the tow vehicle, and is available with either an electric or hydraulic dump.

Some garden implements have safety systems built-in, like blade stoppers on mowers. Toro brand tractors have a safety feature called KeyChoiceTM Reverse, which allows drivers to choose to have the mower and attachments fully functional only when they are certain no children or pets are present.

With so many versatile and specialized implements available today, you can replicate the look of a manicured world-class golf course with very little effort.

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