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Are you wondering what direction colour is going to take in 2013? This is a great question! 2013 colour trends will be colourful!

For me, as a colour stylist for a major paint company I keep an eye on influences that affect colour. You may be surprised as to what those influences are. Things such as politics, the environment, the economy, social issues and cultural diversity all influence colour direction. It is an understanding of the influences that provides useful information and gives colour forecasting its validity.

To be able to interpret these influences, collaboration with various industries is extremely important. I am privileged to be part of two excellent panel meetings. First, is the Color Marketing Group; this group is made up of several hundred colourful individuals in almost that many industries. Industry representatives from the fashion, automobile, small appliance, paint, textile and furniture industries all gather together, not to talk about their product, but only to talk about colour and how it affects their product. It can be a very loud discussion. The second panel is a smaller, more intimate group of designers, artists and architects from around the world who are invited to a central location where they share thoughts and ideas about future trends, colours and materials. I help host this discussion and am always amazed by the outcome of such collaboration.

Now you are probably thinking, Gwen stop talking about the how (because I can go on for hours) and get down to the what: the reason we are reading this article, what are the colours for 2013?

Colour this year is about the celebration of life, being spontaneous, realizing that beauty is not perfection. It is about a clean slate that whispers a quiet optimism of wellbeing, happiness and comfort and also a reawaking of our senses as the tropical colours from the depths of the rainforest stimulate us.

The trends are as follows:

2013 Colour Trends – Rebirth

Rebirth is all about the joy of being alive. Spontaneous pops of yellow and orange herald a new energy that is full of optimism.

Colour Trends 2013

2013 Colour Trends – Renew

Imperfection is beautiful. Sun bleached dusty colours, heavy wood grain and beaten metal finishes cause a nostalgic charm to emerge in this trend.

Colour Trend 2013

2013 Colour Trends – Refine

A clean slate. These are colours that whisper elegant beauty, inner balance and freedom. Pearl and translucent layers mix with the perfect light for a soothing environment.

Colour Trend 2013

2013 Colour Trends – Revive

Awaken your senses with tropical bright colours that blend with earthy greens. Inspiration for this trend is from the depth of the rainforest where nature fights back.

Colour Trend 2013

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