Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re excited to announce a brand new giveway with iRobot!

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? The iRobot Roomba i3+ is a Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum designed to make cleaning hassle-free, convenient and super easy!

The Roomba i3+ will take care of cleaning from start to finish. The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal allows the Roomba i3+ to empty itself for up to 60 days – which means, Mom won’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time!

Mom will appreciate how helpful the Roomba i3+ is for tackling stubborn messes and dirt around the home. With Dirt Detect technology, the Roomba can focus on cleaning where it’s needed most, like the dirtiest areas of your home.

Mom will be thrilled to know you can clean with just the sound of your voice! Through the iRobot Home App or your Google or Alexa voice assistant, simply tell your robot to clean – and consider it done.

Powered by iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, the Roomba i3+ will learn Mom’s cleaning preferences and gets smarter over time, leaving Mom with clean floors at the push of a button.

Open to Canadian residents, 18+. Void where prohibited by law.

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  • She has worked hard her whole life I know she would get such a kick out of something so useful that could actually do housework

  • I am a Mom of 3 and there are always things to vacuum and no time to do it. The Roomba i3+ would make my life easier.

  • With 5 drawn out years of mini Reno’s, I would love an iRobot to help enjoy life and take some cleaning tasks off the to do list!

  • as a mom, i would love this for my daughter, because she is soon starting out on her own in a new apartment! She is a Dog Mom, so i think this would help keep her new place tidy!

  • As a senior with limited mobility a Roomba I robot would be very helpful to me.

  • I am currently coping with back and ankle injuries, so vacuuming is incredibly difficulty. With 2 dogs at home, regular vacuuming is essential! The iRoomba would be so very useful as I continue my rehabilitation treatments toward recovery. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • My mom deserves a Roomba i3+ as she is elderly and it would be sol helpful for cleaning her house and save her time please and thank you

  • I deserve a Roomba because everyone needs a helping hand with never ending housework.

  • I would love a Roomba i3+ as I have 2 cats and a husband and son somy house is dusty and needs cleaning

  • I deserve a Roomba because I have better things to do with my time rpthan vacuum

  • it would make my life so much easier with kids,pets the floor is always a mess!This would help keep my home cleaner.

  • I would absolutely love this Roombai3+. I really like that you can use an app to control and also the convenience when you have a lovely little fur baby would be great!!

  • We have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bunny. Keeping the floors clean is a fulltime job and my daughter already has one in long-term care. I am turning 72, so not much help to her either! I would love to have this to help her relax for a change!

  • I would love to win this awesome Roomba i3+ for my daughter. Her family has been working from home since the pandemic started & my grandson is doing his schooling on-line. With everyone at home all day everyday, it’s difficult for them to keep up with all of the cleaning, especially the vacuuming, so this would be a huge help to them.

  • I have 2 cats that seem to shed year round so it would be so amazing to win an Roomba to help me keep up with all that cat hair.

  • I would love a Roomba. I have a very bad back and a very fluffy cat so I have to vaccum a lot. It’s such a pain to have to drag everything around and then the bending that it takes just is so painful.
    I hope I am the lucky winner. I sure could use it


  • I love to clean, a lot, so I would love to have a Roomba i3 iRobot. This sure would save me a lot of time and effort but the result would be the same, a clean house!

  • I was thinking of getting shark costumes for Mom and her cats this Mother’s Day. While I am sure she would be ecstatically happy with the gift, the costumes just wouldn’t be the same without a Roomba i3+ to go with them. Not only that, but since Mom has given me very little of substance to discuss with my therapist, I’d say she definitely deserves one!

  • Mom deserves to not have to lug a vacuum around her home, this would be a great gift!

  • For many years, 40 plus, I worked hard for a better life and for my family. Even after retiring, I worked part time and then left due to health issues. I pushed around a heavy vacuum that never seem to do the job I wanted, so I got a lightweight one. Not so bad but still needs a little in-between help with sweeping more times. With that said the Roomba i3+ could help me out lots!! What a life saver it would be for this senior.

  • I would gift this to my sister’s mother-in-law – she’s 92, and I’d love to make cleaning easier for her.

  • With having bare floors in my whole house and being a senior, it would be nice to have the “Cadillac” of robot vacuumes to come to my rescue!

  • I deserve a iRobot Roomba i3+ because I deserve a clean home and can no longer do the floors or afford to have someone do them for me.

  • During these difficult times raising a kid becomes a blessing and a challenge, keeping our loved ones safe, mentally and physically it’s the day to day goal.
    I believe that having a clean beautiful space that we have the pleasure of calling home is everything that we could ask for, and this Roomba would help keeping our place always as that safe spot, for my kid, my family and myself. It would be a great addition to the family!

  • My mom is 97 now and lives in a very small apartment and 7 of us (my sisters) spend as much time with her to help her out with her everyday needs and clean her apartment. I would be happy to have this amazing vacuum. I babysit my 2 grandkids full time (when out of school, etc. all summer) and don’t have much free time on my hands right now. They just turned 7 and 9 in April this year and now unfortunately are locked out of school due to COVID-19 lockdown. I spend 5 days a week helping them do online learning with their teachers so have even less time to get my own stuff down at home, like vacuuming and house cleaning. I would welcome this extra help with this amazing Roomba i3+ from iRobot. I have a 4 bedroom house so needs lots of vacuuming.

  • I no longer vacuum as often as I should. A Roomba would make me feel a whole lot less guilty about that and keep the house less dusty!

  • The iRobot Roomba i3 would be so great for my mom, she is always on the go doing something, helping out with my kids, driving kids to appointments, walking her dog, working in her gardens. She loves a clean house so the iRobot Roomba i3 would be nice for her to sit relax and let the Roomba do the work. Thanks for the chance to win this for her.

  • I’ve been vacuuming up after my family for 40+ years. What a treat it would be to watch Roomba i3+ do this task instead! It would free up my valuable time to do more enjoyable things!

  • I deserve a Roomba because all my life I have been a giver. Now I really need a Roomba and I am willing to be a receiver. Thanks for the chance

  • My built-in has an issue so that I have to go down to the basement to turn it on or off so my vacuuming doesn’t happen often enough. The roomba would be so easy to use!

  • As one gets older, routine chores such as vacuuming get more and more difficult. A Roomba would certainly lighten this particular chore.

  • We have a huge house and a big furry dog. Our mom is constantly vacuuming and it would be nice if she won this vacuum so she can get our laundry done!

  • With two pets in the house a lot of the time plus living near a gravel roadway, the iRobot Roomba i3+ would lessen my housecleaning load!

  • I would love a Roomba. I should be retired but still working hard. A Roomba would be so helpful to me. My vacuum is on it’s last legs and I seem to sweeping more than anything. Hope I win!

  • Well it’s more for our house that happens to have a mom in it. Simply ours is to old

  • My mother is elderly and vacuuming is becoming difficult for her. The Roomba would make living in her own home much easier.

  • My current vacuum desperately needs to be replaced and an iRobot Roomba would be the best replacement I could have!

  • I have an original “robbie” roomba. He still works but a new big brother would be nice.

  • My mom had a Roomba 200 whose battery unfortunately died. I’d love to surprise her with a brand new model.

  • I have wanted one of these for soooo long. I have three kids and 2 cats and every single morning I need to vacuum my entire house before I go to work. This would be my dream to give me an extra ten minutes to actually drink my coffee warm.

  • I don’t know that I ‘deserve’ to have a Roomba i3+ but I know that I’ve raised 3 fabulous kids and would really appreciate one!

  • What a perfect gift to give to my daughter from my grandsons for Mother’s Day. She has a new toddler and a teenager. Like most typical teen boys, he enjoys playing online games but hates online (school) learning. They have 2 dogs, a 14 yr old border collie/husky (imagine the HAIR!) and a 6 yr old Victorian Shepherd. Their poor hardwood floors fall behind sometimes and the white hair collects. Please allow my entry to be valid for them. It would help her out 200%. Thank you.

  • My mom deserves a roomba because she’s in her late 50’s and still lives with me to help me take care of my special needs son. She helps with everything, including cleaning. This would give us both a break so we could focus on my son’s needs.

  • I would like the extra help in keeping my house clean that the roomba would provide. I am finding it difficult in keeping up with all the housework and this would provide some much needed help.

  • I’d love to gift this to my Mom. She loves a tidy house, this Roomba would give her a bit of a break!

  • This Mom so deserves a Roomba to help her have a break! Her daughter and granddaughter have been staying with her and toddlers are messy!! Good luck and stay safe lovelies!

  • Well I am actually the Mom. We bought out daughter a golden retriever and there is hair everywhere. I have no idea how that hair gets into rooms he doesn’t even go into. lol

  • As a mom, caregiver and pet owner keeping the floors clean with the Roomba i3 would mean I can have some me time.

  • I am always tripping over the cables and hoses of my current vacuum and would love a Roomba i3 to help clean my floors.as I am a poor senior still working but can not afford one of these.

  • I have a very shoddy dog….I really need this….to be honest, I have long hair and I shed too!

  • I hate lugging the canister vacuum around so this would be an ideal way to vacuum.

  • My wife works hard taking care of the family and keeping up with the kids is a drain. Simplifying her day, as kids can be messy, would go a long way to assisting her.

  • Wow! This would be so cool! I have hardwood floors, and a dog, and a teenager, and another teenager, and a husband – we have several other “animals” that pop up overnight – we continually scoop them up along the hall and flush them down the toilet!!

  • My husband has MS and so the major share of cleaning falls on me. A Roomba would cut down my work a lot.

  • I’d love to have a Roomba to clean up the garden mud that always gets tracked in. The video won’t open for me so I can’t get the bonus entries.

  • My moms constantly vacuuming because of the dog. It would be awesome if she had a roomba to do it for her so she could relax or focus on something more important.

  • My cat sheds and leaves so many dust bunnies. My arthritic back can make it a challenge to keep them under control.

  • OMG! It would be life changing! With a 3 year old and almost 1 year old, I have to sweep 5 times a day! Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Thank you for your valued content. I enjoy getting great ideas for my home 🙂

  • I would love this Roomba as it would make it much easier to keep up with the hair my indoor cat and dog shed.

  • I believe that I deserve a Roomba i3+ because it would allow me to give it to my wife for Mother’s Day and then that would relieve her from the vacuuming that she does now. We share the chores, I do the laundry, the cooking, the shopping, take out the garbage and the dishes. She does everything else so this would ease the work for her. I know that vacuuming is her least favourite chore to do so this would be a blessing for both of us.

  • I’m actually in the market for a new vacuum………..mine is second hand and beginning to bite the dust as opposed to sucking it up.

  • My mom deserves this because she works so hard and needs more time to relax

  • My mom deserves a Roomba because she has been cleaning diligently daily during COVID and a Roomba would make her job easier!

  • my mother deserves this because it would help her tremendously with the housework. since her accident she can no longer bend down and vacuuming is straining for her due to her bad back. she always wanted one of theses. fingers crossed.

  • My mom has a large tile floor that gets trampled by grandchildren 3 times a week. She deserves 2 roombas lol.

  • My Grandmother who is suffering from dementia moved in with my Mom about a year ago and my Mom is having a hard time waiting on her hand and foot while my Grandmother isn’t being very nice 🙁 My Mom also takes care of my niece and nephew 3 times a week so my sister can work. This would be one less thing my Mom has to worry about each day and would mean so much!

  • My mom works so hard and she deserves a break, I would love to gift her this iRoomba!

  • I have 2 dogs with so much fur! I sweep everyday and I cannot believe how fast it accumulates! Working at home now I feel like I am always cleaning up after everyone all day long. I could use this for mother’s day to give me a little break!

  • My mom could REALLY use this because she’s been doing it manually for over 70 years. She’d enjoy sitting back and just watching. Ha

  • I would love to win this Roomba because with a dog and cat in the house there is always fur to pick up – this would make it so easy!

  • I sure could use this with so much dog and cat hair and the dirt they bring in now. My stick vacumn doesn’t work.

  • This would be great for my hardwood and tile floor as there is always grass and dog hair around. this would be awesome. Thanks

  • My mom deserves to win the Roomba i3+ from iRobot because she never gets a break! She is the hardest working, strongest woman I know. Winning this would definitely make her life a little easier!

  • My mom has sacrificed her entire life for her kids, she continues to help my sisters to this day. I am stable enough she doesn’t need to help me often but when I need a recipe or to be reminded how to do something she is always there the moment I ask.

  • My amazing mom has passed away, but my beautiful life partner is such an amazing mom. She would most certainly deserve this amazing vacuum. It would free up more time for her to cook even more spectacular dinners!

  • Me and my wife are getting up in years and the back pain is unbearable sometimes, so a Roomba would be a Godsend to us!

  • This mom deserves a Roomba because I gave up my cleaning lady over a year ago since she also worked in a long term care facility and it wasn’t safe for her, her clients or us. I have continued to go into work at a cafe for the duration of Covid, and working long hours to keep labour costs down while the sales were abysmal. No time to vacuum or do other cleaning. Having the vacuuming done would save time to allow me to do the other cleaning and house maintenance required. Thanks

  • My mom suffers from arthritis in all her joints. She has had both knees and both hips replaced. A robot to help keep the floor swept would really help!

  • Along with my age and the body pains that go along with it, I have four cats and two dogs that are constantly shedding, so a Roomba would be a welcome addition!

  • It’s about time that someone works for her instead she is working for the four of us (5 including my dad)

  • I think I deserve it because we are all a bit messy, especially while I try to clean while we work from home – but I love a clean house!

  • She is very busy and her health isn’t great so having this would help lighten her work load. Thanks for the chance!

  • the mother in my life deserve a Roomba because she works 12 hour shifts as a nurse on the front lines.

  • I would love one of these especially at my age; would be so much easier and have wante4d one for a while now.

  • My mom has an arthritic back and vacuuming bothers her. It would be so easy for her with a Roomba.

  • My Mom is 81, she’ll be 82 in November and has two furry friends that shed hair. This would make it so much easier for her to keep the cat hair to a minimum and it most likely will be new toy for her furry friends or they’ll be running for the cat door!

  • My mom deserves a Roomba as she needs something to help her keep up with cleaning all the cat hair from her new cat!

  • I deserve to have a Roomba i3 because I have a very rambunctious puppy, and I work two part-time jobs. Being over 60, I’m pretty much played out when I get home, so this would be a fantastic tool for me to help make my housekeeping easier. Thank you.

  • it has been a rough couple of years and any help i get would be greatly appreciated, this IRoomba would sure make cleaning easier

  • My mom deserves a Roomba i3+ because she loves to have a clean house – thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  • my mom could use a roomba as she is a neat freak and she could get it to do her vacuuming every day while she relaxed with her morning crossword puzzle….I am HOPING it would give her a chance to relax and let roomba do the work….but if i know her…..

  • oh, this would be so wonderful for my house that includes two very cute, but very hairy collies. thanks for the chance!

  • I have the dirtiest dogs EVER 🥴 I have tried and tried and tired but they will not help out with the chores 😩

  • With a busy lifestyle we don’t alway have the time to do the things at home that need to be attended to. With this very awsome device, it would certainly simply things !

  • Isabelle is getting ready to retire, and is wanting to spend more time in the garden (Making Dirt) rather than in the house ( Managing Dirt). This would save her hours every week.
    Lets hope for the best

  • With back & neck issues this would certainly make it a breeze for clean carpets & floors

  • Currently going through a life change (divorce) and this would be so welcome for our new apartment.

  • I feel like I deserve this to gift to my mom because she is older and has a hard time keeping up with house work now. This would be great for her small apartment where she lives with her cat

  • My mom has done so much for me during my life, but most recently, after my washer flooded during covid, since we were all quarantined from each other, she helped me with laundry and did drive bys!

  • With a dog in the house she can go to bed, turn on the iRobot. Wake up and have a pet hair free house.

  • My mother-in-law would be very happy to have this Roomba i3+ by iRobot, it would be a very big help in the house. Perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • She deserves it because her current vacuum doesn’t work well, and this roomba could help her take a break

  • trying to enter contest but it won’t let me watch the video. Keep getting an error message:

    An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: wSuQBVesEwlmKj0Q)
    Learn More

    I have no trouble watching videos on other sites or on utube. ??

  • My Mom is sadly deceased. I would love to have this Roomba i3 because we have pets- 2 female kitties, and two rescued birds, all of whom tend to be messy! It would sure help me to keep on top of the floor scattered bread crumbs, cat litter, etc on an old ‘mosaic stone’ type floor that I find dirt LOVES to hide in due to it’s pebble like pattern, which I hate.

  • I deserve to win the Roomba i3+ from iRobot because I have spend many years weaving my corded vacuum around my furniture. It would be fantastic to have clean floors and carpets without the aggravation of my old corded vacuum.

  • With a house filled with 5 cats, I would definitely benefit from winning this wonderful vacuum. I also became disabled a few years ago and find it very hard to do the vacuuming. Winning this Roomba Vacuum would be a godsend for me. It would definitely help me to keep my floors free of cat furballs.

  • would make my vacuming life easier! We have cats and kids so lots of time spent cleaning . The Roomba is Wifi connected so is a great time saver also!

  • Would love to win this Roomba i3+ , would make my constant vacuuming up after my busy family life a life changer.

  • I think I , as a mom, deserves a Roomba because I never buy anything for myself, and could use a Roomba to clean my home of pet hair (I have 3 furbabies !!)

  • My mom is gone now but she was left a widow at a young age and worked hard to raise her 3 children.

  • Caring and supporting people in our local community keeping them safe and well at home

  • my mom is so neat and tidy and one of her favourite things to do with my little nephew when he visits is vacuum! this would be such a great win for them!

  • I would gift this to my Mother. Her memory loss makes the house keeping chanllenging and she lives too far for allowed visitation presently.

  • I deserve s roomba because sweeping is almost a daily chore and it would be nice to free up that time.

  • I think I deserve a Roomba i3 + because our Scottish terrier sheds an incredible amount of downy undercoat. (and doesn’t tolerate us trying to brush his coat)

  • She would love the treat of getting a rest from working so hard as she is always supporting others and not herself.

  • As my mum works hard trying to ensure the people who she looks after are taken care of, this is both in work and in her personal life. It would be nice if she could come home and not have to worry about cleaning up the cat hair.

  • I think I deserves a Roomba i3+ because i run a dos daycare/pet Services business and if i don’t vacuum every day my home is mostly made up of clumps of pet hair!

  • Would be useful to keep the house cleaner as she has back problems. Thank you 🙂

  • We both work full time and have large families to take care of. This vacuum would be a good help!

    Thanks for the chance.

  • My mom deserves this because she works hard enough! She could use a robo assisted break!

  • We have two cats so always trying to keep the floors hair free. I have arthritis so it is hard to always be trying to sweep it up, and the vacuum cleaner is very hard for me to push around.

  • there are many mothers out there that deserve to win. we all have a story about our mother’s strength, courage, love and so much more. let’s hope that just chance and luck play and let the universe bring it to the one that deserves it. I think they all do!

  • I would love a Roomba as with my disability some days its hard moving around nevr mind vacuuming and this would make my cleaning so much easier

  • She is having knee problems and finding it hard to keep up with the vacuuming so she would truly appreciate this.

  • I deserve break today and every day trying to juggle a work at home job and a robot vacuum designed to make cleaning hassle-free, convenient and super easy is just what I need.

  • My mom is always cleaning and vacuuming and this would make her life much easier

  • I deserve a roomba because I work very hard and it would be nice to have one less thing on my plate .

  • Always wanted to try one of these to see if they are any good or not. Looks like such a great time saver

  • With a bird, a cat, and a dog – none of them non-shedding, I would like to have a robot doing the vacuuming!

  • I’d be the mom…and I’m getting pretty old so the Roomba would come in pretty handy

  • My Mom is 82 years old, and still lives in the house I grew up in. She has become a cat lady since my Dad passed away (Not a crazy cat lady – just one fluffy cat), and this would help her keep up with the fur flying around her house.

  • My mom deserves a robot vacuum because she deserves the break from this chore of life because she has done it for us all for so long!

  • Looks like a cool prize to win !!! Hands free and the floors get cleaned amazing !
    Thank you !

  • My mom deserves a Roomba because she works long hours from home, and this would be a great way to give her a little bit more free time to relax and unwind.

  • I’d love to win this – having problems vacuuming due to back pain – this could be the answer

  • My mother just turned 70 and retired this month! I’d love her to enjoy retirement and doing things she loves, not worrying about cleaning up the house. This would free up her time and spoil her as her current vacuum is an old upright she hauls over 4 levels in her home!

  • Because there is always so much chores already, we could use the Roomba to help.

  • My mom has been taking care of everyone and now she has alzheimers and it would be great to get a little help getting things done around the house

  • I think I deserve to win this great prize because I am an awesome mom to my two teen boys.

  • Really want this. It would be used daily as the floors are dusty and dirty all the time just from normal routine.

  • My wife deserves this because it would allow her to focus on our daughter instead of cleaning.

  • What an amazing giveaway! With 3 kids and a dog, this would be a much needed prize to win!

  • I feel that I do deserve this awesome Roomba i3 by irobot because I have a serious chronic back injury and vacuuming and washing floors are the 2 hardest household chores that I have to content with. Thanks for the opportunity to win in this giveaway.

  • Mom has worked hard taking care of her family so anything that would help make her life easier would be awesome

  • I deserve a Roomba because I just bought a new condo and there’s so much mess from the moving

  • I had a Roomba several years ago and my husband especially enjoyed using it to clean his office area. When it eventually died, we never replaced it. It would be fantastic to win a Roomba i3+ from iRobot!

  • My Dad is doing basement renovations and my mom is dealing with the nonstop dust from him using a skillsaw on the concrete so he could access the plumbing. Dust EVERYWHERE!!

  • My mom is getting older so I find this vacuum would help her out plenty!

  • My poor momma has had 3 back surgeries and is awaiting neck surgery. She could definitely use a self vacuuming machine.

  • I’d love a Roomba – my vacuum is so old it spits the dirt out instead of sucking it up!

  • My mom deserves a Roomba because she always puts others first, and giving her something to help her out would be amazing. It would be nice to give her something to make her life a little bit easier

  • My mom deserves a Roomba i3+, everything she does is laced with the best intentions and she’s a constant source of love and entertainment. Her love has shaped me in lasting ways and deserving of the utmost appreciation.

  • All mums are special. If chosen as a winner, i will be using this to keep my house clean while i spend some extra time with my family. I don’t want to choose between a clean house and spending time with my family anymore. wishing everyone luck with the contest.

  • She has worked full time during the pandemic and still keeps the house hold clean

  • I would really love one of these Roomba i3+ to make cleaning up after our pets (including a Persian!) a lot easier and faster.

  • With a full house with kids and pets, there is never time to get it all don and there are always things to get done. The Roomba i3+ would make my life much better and definitely easier.

  • My mom has been there for me as I went through a health issue. She would do anything for me, forgetting about herself. She is 75 years old, still works, helps anyone who needs it, and will drop off weekly care packages for my siblings and myself. She needs the Roomba i3+ from iRobot so she can put her feet up and have one less thing to do.

  • Anything that helps with housework is a great thing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • As a senior with limited mobility a Roomba I robot would be very helpful to me.

  • I think she would enjoy the extra few minutes she would get for herself while this robot was vacuuming the house!

  • I got an error message when I tried to watch the YouTube video

  • My mom deserves this because it’s 1 less thing she has to do herself. And because she’s an amazing mother who deserves the world, but I can’t give her that. So this would be just fine!!

  • I’m a mom and small business owner. We have 2 cats also. I deserve this new Roomba i3+ because I’m so busy I just don’t have time to always be sweeping and vacuuming.

  • Roomba i3+ from iRobot would make my workload so much lighter and give me more time to spend time with my family having wonderful adventures. Thank you for the chance.

  • I would love to win! It would cut down on time. The house would be continually clean!!

  • My mom totally deserves this because she works so hard, and takes care of everyone! AS a fur baby owner this would help her out tremendously.

  • Ce serait tellement plus simple et moins forçant pour ma mère de 80 ans et qui habite seule.

  • My Mom is almost 94 and, after looking after me all of her life, I now look after her. Both of us would really enjoy this. The Robot Roomba i3+ would help me so much and then give me more time to spend with my mom.

  • I def need this as a mom!! This would let me have more time with my kids to play rather than clean!! I def deserve more time with my kids!!❤️Thanks for the chance.

  • My mom deserves a Roomba i3+ as she is elderly and it would be helpful for cleaning her house

  • Mom (myself) works full time and doesn’t have time to keep the floors swept from crumbs, pet hair, teenagers ect. This would help Mom (myself) get the daily chorus.

  • I would love to win this, with 3 kids things get hectic and this is a perfect way of easing some of my workload.

  • I’m a new mum and I so need me one of these. So hard to sweep and try and carry around a 4 month old that won’t let you put her down.

  • My mom deserves the Roomba i3+ because she has worked hard her whole life. She has always taken care of others and has always put other people needs before her own. She is the most kindest, sweetest, caring person. I know the Roomba i3+ would help her do housework easier and give her more time to do other stuff. Thank you for the contest and chance!!

  • A Roomba I robot would be very helpful to me. Since I have very bad knees and poor balance.

  • My mom has this rug she has to vacuum every day or it looks dirty, this would perfect

  • Entering for myself since with 3 young kids I constantly have crumbs on the floor. No dog and brown floors make it even worse!!

  • This would be awesome to win because we are always vacuuming our house because we have a dog that is shedding badly!!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  • My mom could really use a Roomba i3+ because she has a hard time using her stick vacuum as it’s heavy. She has a cat and a small dog and they leave fur and hair on the hardwood floors. This would make it so much easier for her.

  • As a mom, I would love this for my daughter, because she is a nurse and really work hard! Thanks!

  • My mother is 92 and since Covid began she hasn’t had a housekeeper come in and vacuums with a very old heavy canister machine. This Roomba would make her live easier.

  • I have 5 rescue pets and nothing would make my life easier than having one of these! Thanks for the chance to win

  • My mom deserves a roombas because she ja hard working and this would help her keep the floors tidy.
    When my children go and visit, my youngest plays in all her plants making messes with the soil all over her floor. This would help her keep the floor clean.
    Thank you for the chance

  • With 2 big dogs that shed hair everywhere, this Roomba would be fantastic to win.

  • I would love one of these because I am always cleaning messes up after the kids and dog all day long. It never seems to end.

  • I’ve always wanted one of these. And I don’t have any animals so the 💩 scene will never happen, lol. Wonderful contest!

  • I spend way too much time cleaning this house. This would save time and my sanity.

  • Pearl is a Healthcare worker, who works so hard, she has a family with 4kids, has to do homeschooling for 2 of the kids and also take care of the other 2 toddlers, she is also going to school taking up some courses. This would definitely help her alot and reduce the stress of having to clean up after toddler’s mess. Hoping to put a smile on her face by she winning this awesome gadget.

  • This would be great for my mom because she has back problems so it would be great if she didn’t have to manually vacuum

  • mom is the kindest, loving person I know. she goes out of her way to help people. so it’s her turn to have some help. thanks

  • A roomba would be amazing and help my aging mother with keeping the house clean.

  • My mom would love to have a Roomba because she is nearly 90 years old, still lives in her own home, independently and this would make her life much easier.

  • I would love to come home to already cleaned floors. My cat Mouse would probably think it a new friend for him while I’m out. This would allow life to be a bit easier and one less thing for me to worry about. Thanks for this opportunity and would love to see my name as the winner!!!

  • I work two jobs and between pets and kids I just don’t have time to keep on top of everything.

  • My mom is a very kind person and is always there to help anyone in need This would be a nice gift for her

  • This would be an amazing win for myself or my grandmother mainly her as she’s getting up there in age and can’t do as much around the house as she use to be able to.

  • I think my mom deserves to win one of these because, she was the kind of mom that always put us kids first and herself last. No matter what she needed or wanted she would go with out so we could have what we needed or wanted first.

  • My house is super dusty and full of pet hair. A Roomba would be a life saver

  • We have two cats so vacuuming gets done a lot at our house. This would make it easier.

  • Working full time, helping my six year old with her online learning, and trying to take care of everything else this would make the daily routine a little easier

  • My Mom has a dog and the dog hair is crazy. This would help alleviate all her time spent vacuuming!

  • I would love to win this for my Mom. She is getting older and can’t vacuum as much as she would like. Lugging out the older, heavier vacuum is too much for her. This would make it so much easier for her. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I honestly don’t think my moms would use this device. I bought her a hand blender eons ago along with many other things and they were never taken out of the box. But I would totally use this awesome device.

  • This would be awesome to win,always wanted one,thanks for the chance

  • My mom deserves this awesome prize because she cleans the house all day long and this would help her out so much. 😉

  • my mom would really appreciate something that helps her with her housework.

  • She deserved as she’s now 85 yrs old and is away from us. Love to win and gift it to her

  • An i3 to keep up after my tiny three humans sounds meant to be! They can make a mess faster than I can clean it so I would definitely appreciate the extra set of hands so to speak.

  • My mother in law has this and it is amazing!! She cant stop raving about it. Now I want one!!

  • This would be so much easier for me than having to haul the heavy vacuum from the basement, to the main floor, and then to the upstairs.

  • I deserve to win this because I am 72 years old and could use a little help! Thx for the chance to win.

  • Because I’ve been working hard at my job and need a vacuum that can work hard on its own – here at home.

  • I have struggled this last year to keep up with everything as a SAHM, and I think this would be so helpful! I do a lot for everyone around me and would love this treat for myself. Thank you for trhe chance!

  • It will be like adding another person to the family that wanders around and keeps her interest.

  • I think I deserve a Roomba i3+ because I’m the mom to 6 Kitties and seriously need all the help I can get!

  • I think my mother is deserving of this roomba vacuum because she’s had many hardships and bad things happen to her in her 79 years, but she has always perseveres with dignity and grace. It’s also hard for her to get tasks like vacuuming done by herself.

  • Because she got so much challenge lately that she deserves a break. It would help her a lot. Thanks.

  • My mom lives thousands of miles away from me so I wont be entering for her but for myself as I am a new mom too. With a tiny baby who has recently discovered his walking skills, likes to go all around the house to explore his tiny world and like to leave behind a big mess. Also I am a mom of a 5 year old fur baby who is a furball, that’s right a very big furball. Being a new mom it is hard to keep the house clean all of the time and my little baby can pick up the tiniest possible thing off the floor puts in his mouth. Feels like this iRobot Roomba i3 is for me and could not have come at a better time. Thank you

  • My Mom deserves more time to relax so I’d love to win this for her!

  • My mom deserves this as she works shift work and always puts 100% into her work and could use some help around the house!

  • Wow heck yes she would absolutely go bananas over this neat little vacuum!!

  • My mom is older and has a hard time vacuuming and washing floors. This would make her life so much easier

  • My husband and I could use a Roomba robot vacuum to make our lives a little easier.

  • I would love the convenience of a Roomba but my mom really deserves one. She is in the late 80s and her and dad still live in their own home. She is very fussy about keeping the floors spotless but it takes more and more of her time since she has to do a bit at a time with dad’s help. A Roomba would sure fix that!

  • I need a new vacuum as I have foster dogs that leave hair all over and a roaming vacuum would save me time in housecleaning.

  • I am a busy mom works long weeks and doesn’t have time to vacuum. This Roomba i3 would be so amazing to have and do the work for me! Thank you for the chance!

  • My mom is a new empty nester, and she’s got a whole lotta house to take care of now and can always use some help!

  • Here little robot, over here little robot. Round and round you go, whisking and cleaning all the dust and debris as you whirl about. Then back to the base to empty out and recharge. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  • My mom is due for knee surgery and is still working full-time at a retirement home, caring for her residents she calls them.
    She’s in pain most of the time, and hides it from everyone.
    She would honestly cry if she won this. It would most likely be the first sense of relief, she’s felt in a very long time. Also, would be a great help once she has her surgery, as she wont be able to move around, let alone clean.. Although she’ll try. #MomsNeverStop!!

  • My mom is a pug mom and this is necessary hehe. She is also a kind hard working nurse . Who deserves some spoiling ❤

  • I have two dogs who should be bald! I love them but they leave so much hair behind them! I need help keeping up with the hair.

  • I would luv to win this to help with the dig fur I suffer from Chronic pain and vacuuming is painful some days
    Thanks for this giveaway

  • This would be so great for my mom. It’s getting harder for her and my dad to vacuum now that they’re older so this would definitely make life easier for my mom!

  • I’m a senior who has arthritis. A Roomba i3+ would make vacuuming so much easier.

  • My mom is living alone now with her golden retriever that sheds like crazy. This would be such an amazing gift for her. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • As a busy mom, I am often occupied with other tasks that seem more important than cleaning the floors. Suddenly the floors are a disaster!! Kids are always messy and a robotic vacuum cleaner would be a great help to keep the house tidy and allow me more moments to make memories with my children.

  • I am elderly and it is getting difficult for me to vacuum. The Roomba would make this chore so much easier!

  • Mom deserves a Roomba i3+ because she does all the cooking and washing so it would be nice to have the floors taken care of by Roomba.

  • My mom deserves the best because she priorities the family especially the kids about herself and always there no matter what. She loves to cook and five the best that she can do for us. She deserve the best on this mother’s day.

  • I think I deserve a Roomba i3+ because it seems like I am endlessly picking up after others and it would be so nice to have something that will finally lend me a hand in that regard.

  • This giveaway sounds amazing!! I sure need one of these, keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • I think I need to own a Roomba. I am 72 years old and it is getting difficult to vacuum my place. My daughter owns one. She works and finds that it gives her more time to do important things in her life.

  • ce serait très pratique pour ma fille avec ses animaux pour les poils.

  • 6 kids and 9 cats, theres not enough time in a day to keep the floors dirt free haha

  • My doughter is a super mom generous and I think she merit to have this Roumba i3 from iRobot.

  • Because my kids have sensory disorders and leave trays (and piles) of crumbs everywhere they go and she is getting up in age. Would be so much easier for her!

  • ‘Cause it doesn’t get any better than this… It would be aesome to win!

  • My Mum just turned 71 a couple of weeks ago. She lives in a 4 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, two level home, alone, with a lot of carpeting and flooring to manually vacuum. As a houseproud neatfreak, she vacuums pretty much every day. A Roomba would make her life a lot less physically stressful!

  • My mom has trouble walking due to multiple health issues. A Roomba would keep her off her feet when vacuuming.

  • My mom deserves a roomba because shes great and always there for me. She has mobility issues and has trouble vaccuuming or sweeping due to a lower back disabilty and this would be wonderful for her! She would love to win this to help her keep her apartment clean.

  • What a dream tool. Vacuuming (and dusting) are so unrewarding for me. This is a game changer. I love it.

  • I’d love my mom to have one of these great robot vacuums. She’s not the best with new technology but this would be so easy to use being voice activated… She’d LOVE it.

  • Je n,ai pas toujours le temps pour le ménage
    merci pour le concours

  • how close are we getting to the Jetson’s,a vacuum that does the job,all by itself-wow.

  • Je passe l’aspirateur au moins trois fois par semaine. Je gagnerais du temps si j’utilisais Roomba.

  • Ca serais un merveilleux cadeau mais j ai plus de Maman depuis 1 an et demi, mais un robot comme celui ci me sauverais des mals de dos parcontre,je suis maman de 2 qui perdent leurs poils ( chats),oh que ca aiderais.

  • The iRobot would be perfect for cleaning up the cat hair of two house babies.

  • The iRobot would be perfect for cleaning up the cat hair of two house babies. I appreciate the contest.

  • I deserve a Roomba i3 so I can spend more time outside with my kids and less time inside vacuuming! 😛

  • My mother would love this because it’s difficult for her to clean her home on her own.

  • This is perfect in our house filled with kids and pets. Both are manageable but the clutter sometimes get uncontrolled when everybody is having fun.

  • My Mother is a rock shes 66 with early onset dementia wich sucks but loves to clean while blasting Dolly Parton , her house is getting to much for her she needs a friend to help her out 😁

  • Je rêve d’un robot qui passe l’aspirateur à ma place. Je pourrais m’adonner à d’autres activités pendant ce temps! Merci pour ce super concours!

  • I deserve a Roomba because everyone needs a helping hand with never ending housework.

  • My mother has worked so much her entire life and it would be nice to give her something that can do the work for her and she could relax

  • I’m a single mom with some physical limitations that prohibit me from vacuuming, mopping, shovelling, etc. A Roomba wound be an amazing help in my daily life, especially where I just returned back to school – my floors could clean while I study!! Win win!

  • this would be fantastic – have problems vacuuming because of back pain so would love to have this

  • lots of areas in the house that need a little more attention than others. the iRobot Roomba i3+ is just the machine to do it.

  • This would be a life saver I have to wait for a back operation and this would help alotbecause of my back. Awesome giveaway

  • My mom deserves a Roomba so she can spend more time on things she likes to do!!

  • My mother loves my irobot. I received one as a gift a few years ago. Everytime she visits she tells me she wishes she could afford one. This would be an awesome gift for my mom!

  • As a foster dog and cat mom, I would love this to help clean up all the fur that collects in random corners and places! Thank you for the chance!

  • I live in a split level and carrying the vacuum cleaner up to the top floor is getting more and more difficult.

  • My fiancé and I just bought our first home. My mom selflessly offered to give it a deep clean for us and did so with such gentleness. She deserves a treat that she can use!

  • Well she certainly cleaned up after us all those years, it would be nice if she had some help now! 🙂

  • Roombas are amazing! Everyone deserves a chance to have one! They do all of the vacuuming for you and can save you hours of work which is great if you’re stuck doing as much work as most moms are.
    I had one sometime ago and I loved it, and they’ve only improved since! Now they also dock on their own to charge instead of you having to go find it. They are also fully programmable in terms of scheduling when you’d like them to clean. Best of all, cats still love riding around on them! I would love to have a Roomba again! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • She always puts others before her self and she works extremely hard and this would help her out tremendously!

  • Imagine having a clean house while I sit and read! Count me in please.

  • I would love to win this for the main floor of my house. There is always cat fur, dog fur and crumbs on my floor and I would love to not have to get out the vacuum every second day 🙂

  • My mum deserves it because it would make her life easier! At her age, it’s getting difficult for her to do everyday cleaning tasks, so this would really help her thank you!

  • I am a single mom who works full time, there is not a lot of time for cleaning! I would love this so much. It would be an extended family member in this house!

  • I would love to own a Roomba! I’m tired of lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs every day.

  • My mini mom deserves this Roomba because she took care of my mom, retiring early for 13 years before she passed away….my mom was an insulin dependant diabetic

  • I need a Roomba to keep up with my rescue dog who likes to eat her kibble throughout the house. I can’t keep up with all the crumbs with my regular vacuum. She literally was raised in a barn and scatters her kibble every where to come back to it later.

  • This Roomba looks like a great product and would be very useful for my very active mom!

  • this would be an awesome gift for my mom who’s getting too old to vacuum properly

  • I would love to win an iRobot Roomba for our house. Vacuuming would be so easy and stress free. Mom wouldn’t have a sore back from pushing the vacuum. I’ve always wanted to try the new Roomba. This technology would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

  • Lots of cat’s & doggie’s hair on our floor on this spring season…A Roomba i3+ from iRobot would be a great support! 🙂

  • It’s nice this so it can clean small spaces too. Would save a bit of time.

  • This would be so handy considering I now have 3 dogs in the house since my daughteroved back home with her dog.

  • I would love this for my mom, as she is getting older and this would make her life easier

  • My mum lives in Germany and she can only help me cleaning so often these days, this robot will definitely help 😉

  • Would love anything to make our lives easier – Roomba to clean while we spend more quality time with Mum!

  • My mom experience pain when she bends at the wait. This Roomba i3+ will make cleaning floors much easier and simpler.

  • The Roomba is something I’d love to use in my home. It would be great to just have the Roomba to clean all my floors. Vaccuming is not my favorite chore so I put it off. No dragging out a 20 foot hose & scuffing walls! One chore would be done often & just made so much easier!

  • Mom already works so hard, this is one less thing she’ll have to feel like she needs to do! Plus she loves new gadgets and will very likely get a kick out of having a Roomba

  • It would help with the cleaning especially being so busy doing virtual school with the kids

  • My mom has raised three kids on her own, she worked hard her whole life to give us a better life than she had. She now stays at home and babysits for my sister and continues to show all of us just how loving and strong she is daily.

  • I am the mom that needs this!! I have a dog and 9 yr old at home with me and two older children who are on their own. I am on disability and have trouble cleaning. This would be perfect to help in my daily battle to keep my home presentable.

  • The Roomba i3 robot will definitely be a great add to the house, as we are 5 fully grown adults living together!

  • My mom could really use this, she is at the age where she just won’t admit that a little helping hand is okay. Maybe this could be here acceptance !! Or at least take one job off her mind !!

  • Our Mom deserves a Roomba because we have numerous pets, all of which shed fur and hair, and our Mom works hard to keep everything clean, plus she runs errands like buying food, and she works.

  • Between 2 dogs and a 10 month old, I spend way too much time vacuuming. Would love a roomba so I can spend more time with my daughter and less time cleaning.

  • Being a senior I certainly could use one instead of having to bend down to sweep and clean the floor.

  • How would this work on my floor? I live in a one room basement apartment but my floor is uneven.

  • My mother would deserve this Roomba, as she works very hard, even though she has physical difficulties from an accident that happened years ago. Rolling the big vaccum around is difficult for her, so she would enjoy this kind of help.

  • Mom’s everywhere deserve a break. Especially during these times!! Teaching kids and working full time while covid has our schools closed. Having a ROOMBA would save more time for family time.

  • I would love to win the Roomba i3+ for myself. I have joint pain in my hands & this would help me so much as I find it so hard to hold anything for cleaning.

  • Winning this roomba would make my life much easier; by reducing the amount of time I vacuum!

  • I deserve the roomba because I have three little kids who are snack monsters and crumb machines. The roomba would help a lot with the daily messes!

  • I’m dealing with health issues & this would be so helpful in keeping our large, 3 floor home clean! Thanks for the chance!

  • My mom and I deserve a Roomba we both are selfless loving moms that would never buy ourselves such luxury but would LOVE it! Mom is a HCA working her butt off during this hard time and I was lucky enough to start my EA career as a substitute EA this year and both of us could use a pick me up.

  • This would make life so much easier for her than dragging around the cannister vacuum!

  • I’m asking for myself. I’m a mother of two a boy and girl. Four lovely grandchildren. I just had totally knee replacement surgery. Both of my knees are bone on bone. I guess I was one of the lucky people to have my surgery. It’s has been six weeks but I’m still in very much pain. A week ago I was not. My back is not good at all. So vacuuming has always been trouble for me. When I first seen these Robot cleaners I just wish I could get one but I can’t afford one of these. I would love to win one. Good Luck to the winner! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mother’s . ❤️

  • The video we have to watch in your contest above, will not open. I get this error message whether trying to open it on Edge or Google Chrome:

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  • This would make it easier for me so that I don’t have to vacuum. Thank you

  • Mom could use some help around the house since all the kids have flown.

  • 2 chats et je suis infirmière àtemps plein .Cela me ferait gagner du temps pour autre chose.Les poils s’accumulent. Ça serait le plus beau cadeau du monde🎁

  • Would love one of these to help with the pet hair from this time of year.

  • this would be awsome for mom since she can’t vacume anymore.

  • My mom deserves a Roomba because she is obsessed with getting rid of dust and she has been vacuuming for more than 50 years. She deserves a break!

  • This would be for me since my mom passed away 2 yrs ago. I have a disability where every day chores are harder than most. This would be amazing to win. As I have troubles bending let standing.

  • Because we are so busy with kids! It would take a chore away and give me more time to spend with them!

  • aimerai gagner moi qui a tellement mal au jambes merci beau concour

  • Roomba, Roomba, come to me,
    How happy, healthy life would be.
    Dust bunnies, cat fur, oh my my,
    Help me, save me, let’s give it a try.

  • My mom works hard, standing on her feet all day. Dealing with rude cranky customers, she is a waitress she never complains she wakes up 4:30 leaves the house 5am. Her shift ends 5:30 pm and when she comes home she is extremely exhausted , Dinner is made waiting for her.weekends belong to mom, Me and my sister take care of the housework, laundry and grocery shopping, winning the I Roomba Robot would help take care of our carpets and flooring, one less thing to worry about and more time we can spend with mom

  • Its about my wife, Mom of my kids. She deserves it because she does two jobs at home and outside. She take care of kids at home. She does house chores as kids are young and I am at work till late evenings and sometimes at weekends as wells. She plays a role for teacher, cook, nurse and many more for kids. Now when we are expecting a new member in our family again, she need this more than ever. So I want to win this for her. Thanks

  • It’s spring! Thank goodness for that. These lockdowns have me yearning for outside time. We have a dog that loves to roll in the garden and the dead grass and brings in all kinds of dirt and grime. Spring brings shedding season for my dog and my cat. This would be so nice as I’m going outside every chance I get to enjoy the backyard and fresh spring air. I don’t want to be stuck inside any more than I have to, vacuuming. It’s been a long, long winter. Thanks for the chance, and Happy spring and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • This will be awesome to win, it will be great and will make life easier.
    Thank you
    The video is not working gives an error
    An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 2ib-DnAvQRwB45nX)
    Learn More

  • My mom deserves this because she is awesome mom who now is a senior and has been always been there for me my whole life and this would help her clean her floor easier and help keep her floors cleaner.

  • C’est mon rêve. Un aspirateur iRobot Home ca serait fantastique! Super concours!

  • This would help me keep up with the pet hair that always accumulates, and give me more free time to do other things!

  • My mom deserves a Roomba because they have the perfect bungalow for it and she has trouble getting around. This would save her a lot of walking!

  • I have a very serious problem with my spine and would love to have something that cleans without my having to be in pain.

  • I would love to have a iRobot Roomba i3.A roommate that cleans up after itself!

  • I would love to have a Roomba i3+ because I am the one who vacuums in this house, and my vacuum cleaner is losing its suction power over the years. With the Roomba i3+, it does it for me!

  • I would definitely benefit with a Roomba i3+ in our household! Then, I would have so much free time while the Roomba goes to work!

  • Il faut passer l’aspirateur presque à tout les jours avec des chats les enfants ouf quel soulagement que se serait merci pour le concours🥂🍾🌈

  • I deserve a Roomba i3+ so I can give it to my Mom for Mother’s Day so that she doesn’t have to lug the heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs to clean 3 floors of her house.

  • avec le travail un peut moin a faire dans la maison serait super

  • This would be a great tool to add to my moms cleaning routine …. set and forget …. as it will do all the work for her so she can sit back and relax for once. :o)

  • My Mom deserves a Roomba i3+! because she is 91 and is tired of vacuuming.

  • I would be grateful to have the Roomba i3 as a little helper around the house. I am older and currently undergoing chemo therapy and don’t have the energy to clean my floors.

  • I deserve one because I have dark laminate floors, and two long haired cats. Even vacuuming regularly I still have dust bunnies. This would make it all so much easier.

  • Mom deserves a Roomba i3+ from iRobot because she is an awesome mom (and is jealous of her daughter’s roomba)! Please keep peace and cleanliness in the family by letting her win the Roomba i3+ that she so richly deserves.

  • We have a large house, and my wife could use a roomba to help with dust and dog hair

  • I would love a Roomba to help with the housework. The dust and cleaning seem never ending and this would make my Mother’s Day so much brighter.

  • Who wouldn’t want a Roomba for Mother’s Day? I know it sounds a bit too utilitarian – certainly not a spa day, but I’ll take it.

  • My mom is the most selfless and most generous woman I know. She’s kind, caring and always puts her kids first

  • My mom deserves a roomba because she works hard and needs a little extra help around the house

  • mom has a hard time getting around, and this would be amazing in their house to help her out.

  • My Mom deserves anything that will help make things easier for her. She would love to have this Roomba i3

  • I am really busy Mom who would really appreciate some help with the housecleaning! The Roomba i3 would make my life easier and give me some much needed time for rest and relaxation!

  • I’d really enjoy owning a Roomba i3+. Our place is so dusty and I’m vacuuming every day. This would
    be an awesome Mother’s Day ‘surprise’ for me.

  • bonjour ce cadeaux serais ideal pour moi car j ai une maladie pulmonaire obstructive chronique,et je ne suis plus capable de passer le balai car je manque de souffle et j aurais pas besoin de faire venir quelqu un pour faire mon menage, j aurais robot avec moi,je ne suis pas chanceuse dans les concours mais j espere toujours,,merci pour ce magifique cadeaux.bien a vous.

  • Live on a farm and have a Golden Retriever, could really use this. You Video is not working though

  • Looking forward to receiving Canadian Home Trends for inspiration for my home.

  • Wow! Cleaning with the sound of my voice! This would be amazing. With all the dirt I am tracking in the house from my garden this would be one less task to manage. Happy Mothers Day everyone

  • I have 2 kids and 2 cats and I just can’t keep up with them to keep my house clean. A robot vaccuum?? Yes please! If you could find me a robot chef too that would be great! 😀

  • What a great prize especially with Mother’s Day around the corner.

  • Having a Roomba clean up the dog hair each day would give me time to do something fun and enjoy some me time.

  • My mom is sick so it would nice to win the Roomba 3i to save her to bend over with regular vaccum

  • The iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, Roomba i3+ with voice assistant that tackles stubborn messes and dirt around the home would make every day an amazing Mother’s Day!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)
    ✮ (¸. •´✶ Celebrating Mother’s Day … Cheers 🥂to all Mother figures all over the world!

  • My mother was out working for another family as their cook and cleaner and having to bring the money home to her father, as she was one of 10 children. In a beautiful letter she wrote to my father in her early 30s when she met him she explained that she loved school but had to leave at 13 to work for another family. My mother deserves to be treated as she has been the domestic help for others for much of her life.

  • I would love it, just cause I love gadgets. Mom would to help clean up after the cat and all the grand and great grand childrean.

  • With a toddler and a dog – I would love to own a roomba!! There are no shortages of messes to clean up, but never enough time to do it

  • Life gets busy and a Roomba would be so helpful to keep up with things.

  • My mom is patient, kind, really smart, and loves me no matter what so she deserves something that will make her life easier.

  • I still can’t get the video to open. I get the same message all the time. I try it on Edge and Google Chrome and no luck. It states “An error occurred, try again later.” Viewing the video is worth 5 entries.

  • My mom is a tireless worker. Taking care of her own home and always jumping at the 1st opportunity to help any of her 4 adult children. She also goes out of her way to help everyone around her. Especially the teenagers who fall between the cracks at the school she works at. She deserves to have more time to relax and enjoy herself. Even though she’ll most likely use that time to go out and help someone else.

  • mom’s house is perfect for a Roomba i3+ and she deserves something to help with the housework.

  • Wow! merveilleux j’aimerais bien gagner cet aspirateur intelligent

  • My mom deserves this because she already works so hard so making cleaner easier would be perfect!

  • I am the mom now, and I deserve a roomba because I get so fed up at the dust and dirt tracked in from everyone’s adventures, LOL!

  • my wife tries hard to keep up with all the mess left by the family and since she really dislikes vacumming, a roomba would ease her work load. Me and the kids try to help but we just don’t take enough time to help her.

  • This would be amazing for my mom. She’s getting really forgetful, and has a built in. Most of the time the hose is laying about because she can’t remember if she vacuumed!

  • She works hard outside and at home. The Roomba i3+ would really ease the load – and be fun too.

  • My mom deserves a roomba because she has always worked so hard for me and my siblings she deserves some help around the house! My mom is a true hero she has been with me through all my trouble during the time that my physical illness was taking a toll on me. She was my rock, and I appreciate her so much! She deserves the world.

  • My Mom would love one of these as she finds it hard to vacuum so often, so one of these iRobot Roombas would be a big help!

  • We deserve a Roomba i3+, because pets and kids and no time.

    Also, I couldn’t get the video link to work, it says “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 48M8z3qnuAf9tN3W)
    Learn More”

  • Mom is patient, kind, hard working, and asks very little in return. This would be a wonderful way to show her how hard we see her working and that it is appreciated.

  • My mom is disabled and would love to have the Roomba i3+ help around the house. Thank you for the chance to win one for her.

  • Would be a step up from the e6 we already own. But not having to empty it out would be a plus.

  • This would save my family so much time and energy manually cleaning every week.

  • Would love this to help mom clean up all the crumbs from the messy kids at the kitchen table, which is currently doubling as her office desk

  • C est mon rêve d avoir se robot aspirateur, avec 2 chats c est tellement pratique et surtout que je suis allergique aux poils.

  • This is the next best thing to a maid, but I cannot afford a maid so hope would win this Roomba!

  • We have all wood floors and a very long haired dog. I don’t think I need to say more…thanks for the opportunity!

  • This will really give not just Mom but everyone a break. So we can all spend more time outdoors.

  • Option to set it to stir the dust while at work – priceless….

  • My mum deserves a Roomba because she’s worked so hard her whole life, and she deserves something to work hard for her! Thanks for the chance.

  • As she gets older, it’s getting harder for her to keep up with chores. This would be a great assistant to her cleaning routine

  • My mother always been a clean freak, but she’s getting more tired. Some robotic help would be nice.

  • I’d love for my Mom to have a Roomba to clean up her living room and kitchen as she is unable to do it herself.

  • My mom deserves a roomba because she works hard and would love to come home to a clean floor!

  • Floors require constant sweeping and can be tiring. A Roomba will definitely make this task less tiring.

  • My mom deserves the room a i3 because she has spent so many years picking up after us kids.

  • My mom and I deserve to win because she has a bad back so any extra help around the house will be helpful

  • I get tired dragging out the heavy cumbersome vacuum cleaners. Roomba doesn’t require any constant lifting or has hoses you can trip over!

  • My mom deserves it because it’d help clean up the mess out two cats make!

  • My mom deserves a iRoomba because she is getting too old to lug around a vacuum.

  • My mom is just tired of sweeping/vacuuming so much with two dogs and a cat.

  • Help a lot around the home & let the roomba do the work. Always lots of grime, dust & dirt from the outside & dog.

  • I deserve a Roomba because I have a very furry Samoyed dog who sheds constantly so I need help cleaning my floors!

  • My mom deserves this because she spends so much time cleaning up after her dogs and can’t just relax, this would be life changing!

  • I deserve it because I hate cleaning and I work full time +. I also cannot get any outside help because of covid19

  • I deserve the Roomba i3+ because I’ve done enough manual vacuuming in my lifetime!

  • I deserve a Roomba i3+ to help me with my housecleaning. Currently, I don’t own any vacuum cleaner.

  • The dust bunnies breed very fast in our house & this would be a wonderful time savings appliance to resolve the issue

  • Parce que j’ai deux chiens et qu’il y a beaucoup de poils à ramasser à chaque jour, le IRobot me donnerais un bon coup de main!!!

  • We have a wonderful rescued cat who leaves cat hair everywhere. We don’t mind at all BUT it sure would be nice to have a Roomba i3+ from iRobot to clean it up.

  • I could really use an Roomba because I have a cute puppy who loves to make messes. Also, grandchildren who chase that same puppy throughout the house. HELP!!

  • Would make my wife happy as she has bad knees. The voice command is pretty cool.

  • The roomba would be such a big help, to me, as I never seem to have enough time! If only there was also a robot lawn mower, too. Think of it, the groomba!

  • My mom has a lot of grand-kids and she feeds them well, so she definitely could use a Roomba to help her clean up all the crumbs!

  • I thin I deserve a Roomba, because I’m usually to busy to vacuum as much as I should. I also want to see if my cat will ride it around, like I’ve seen on Youtube.

  • I deserve an roomba i3+ as my den floor is perpetually dirty thanks to one terrier who likes to go from indoors to outdoors many times during the day, and always seems to bring in some dirt.

  • My mom always made me vacuum to appreciate true cleanliness so it would be great for her to have a Roomba i3+ so she can get the clean rooms she wants and deserves!

  • I would love this! I don’t have a mom and I am not a mom but I really would enjoy this to clean the house.

  • Nous venons d’acheter une maison nous aurions de besoin d’un aspirateur comme celle-ci je fait beaucoup d’arthrose alors ça me serait utile !!

  • This is quite the machine! This would be awesome for a member of my family who for medical reasons can not bend putting her head below her heart level. It really would be a game changer for her feeling that she still can be the master of her own home maintenance.

  • Now that the family is at home – working and e learning, the house needs to be cleaned more often then when everyone was out of the house all day, this would be a huge helper during the work/learning day and a time saver.

  • My mom always tries to keep the house clean by constantly sweeping and swiffering. I think the roomba would help save her the stress and pain.

  • My Mom is now 88 and housework is really becoming a chore. This would be so appreciated

  • I deserve the roomba because it will free up some of my time from cleaning our home.

  • I am a single mom of 2 teenagers and one dog. I work 40+ hours a week and don’t have much time for cleaning floors. I would rather spend my time with my kids. Having a roomba would help so much

  • I have two new replacements and waiting for hip to be done. Vacuuming is a major chore for me. This would cut back on my pain level.

  • I did watch the video above on u-tube by going directly into u-tube and calling up the video. Amazing Roomba i3+ vacuum, I also subscrived. The above link would not work.

  • We would absolutely love this because you can never sweep or vacuum enough. The dust is never ending… and why are there so much hair, anywhere and everywhere? Is it even all mine?!? With this Roomba, my floors can actually be cleaned everyday!

  • The video link hasn’t worked since the beginning of the contest…at least it hasn’t worked for me

  • Hello! I can’t get your video to play for your recent Roomba i3+.
    Can someone check this out?

  • Working 12 hour days at the hospital- and doing online school with three little ones – this would be the best Mother’s Day gift ❤️

  • The Mom in our life does so much to keep our house, the family and everything together and a break from vacuuming would be a huge start for giving back her some of her time to enjoy life and relax! She’s so unselfish that when she’s not cooking or cleaning she’s helping others and being a phenomenal role model to the family and all she interacts with!

  • I’d love to have one of these so my toddler doesn’t eat everything he finds on the floor.. Even lint 🤦

  • My Mom deserves to win because she is selfless and never thinks about herself and she never judges , she truly deserves something extra special ❤

  • Eeek! This would be so amazing to help out with a newborn, two busy boys abs a dog in summer! I can never get all the sand from the sandbox!!

  • She has multiple sclerosis so this would be a HUGE help for her around the house

  • My mom’s worked hard all her life so her children didn’t have to live without. She deserves a break from doing mundane chores so she can relax more. The Roomba i3 will help her so she doesn’t have to sweep or vacuum all the dust bunnies in her home.

  • My mom deserves a Roomba i3+ because she has a hard time cleaning her house.

  • We don’t like cleaning and we work from home. We eat at the computer so we need a personal vacuum…lol

  • I’m getting older.
    The halls seem to be getting longer,
    And the stairs seem to be getting steeper.
    The floors seem to be getting messier,
    And things are getting heavier.
    A Roomba i3+ would make life easier

  • My mom is starting to simplify her life. My dad recently retired and they have fun things to do instead of clean!

  • We sure could use one. We have a farm and between the Golden Retriever, horses, working in the gardens and fields there is always something to vacuum up.

  • My mom is 92, during Covid she has been in the hospital several times, twice for a long term stay, once for 3 months and once for a week. Cleaning has always been important to her.

  • This would be awesome for Mom who has is extremely busy and is multi-tasking most of the time. The iRobot Roomba i3+ would just give her a whole lot of time to do what she does best…take care of the family!

  • I could really use this, especially since I have 5 grandchildren under 10 that love to visit.

  • What a great prize this would be!! Just today, my regular vacuum cleaner swallowed up a sock and now doesn’t work at all. This would be a godsend with my bad knees!!

  • I need a Roomba i3+ because my much older Roomba version doesn’t work anymore, and I miss having it there to clean my floors.

  • We have a 100 pound shedding machine! Lol! No dogs in the house didn’t last long.

  • My Mom moved in with me in December. I have 2 cats and a dog that all shed. We would love to win a Roomba!