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Growing Pains

A professional couple with two children, these homeowners had recently moved from China to Vancouver. They were looking to furnish their 4,500 square foot home. Ryan, who was 10 at the time of this project, and his mother wanted a room that would grow with him into his teenage years but still be enjoyable while younger. He had many interests including hockey, music, and art so picking a theme was complicated. Instead, Designer Lori Steeves decided to style the room as a blank canvas for him to add things that reflect his interests at any given time. They created a space where Ryan could relax, play, and read.

Lori’s favorite parts of the room are the geometric wallpaper pattern that interplays with the light fixture and the faceted metal end table. There is a fun mix of hard and soft materials including some soft elements of the bedding and drapery. They saved by purchasing a stock Queen bed and nightstands from a big box store. This allowed them to splurge on the details like the leather chair, light fixture, and metal cabinet at the end of the bed. These items help add personality to the space. Lori’s biggest piece of advice is to not get caught up in what the child is interested in at that moment. Rather, favor a neutral backdrop to add items and reflect their interests as they change. It does not have to cost a fortune, just focus on a few statement pieces.

Design by Lori Steeves
Photography by Tracey Ayton

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