Is your garage basically a cave you squeeze your car into between precariously stacked boxes, sporting equipment and miscellaneous debris? Do you pine for that dream garage that will be the envy of your friends? Take heart, because with this guideline from Sears, an organized and well-stocked garage is only 10 simple steps away:

1. Garage Door Opener—The best-stocked garage is useless if you can’t get in and out of it easily, so start with a reliable door and opener that will keep your ‘stuff’ safe and stand up to Canadian winters.

2. Storage— is the secret to a great garage. Modular units allow you to customize storage needs to your space and range from durable laminate cabinetry to sleek steel. The Gladiator system is one popular option. It combines stylish form with heavy-duty function and flexibility.

3. Chest and Cabinet combos keep tools safe, dry and easy to find.

4. A ladder—21 feet is a standard size and the World’s Greatest is a popular brand for home use.

5. Cordless Drill—A must-have for any garage and do-it-yourselfer. Look for a 19.2 volt size with a battery check function, for light, powerful and reliable performance.

6. Cordless Auto Hammer—the best ones have a pivoting head to get into the tightest spaces and a charging station. The 12 volt Craftsman Nextec, for example, offers an additional 30 minutes with just 3 minutes in the charging dock.

7. Compressor— This item is the secret of the pros. Air compressors that connect with a variety of tools can make any job simpler and faster.

8. Table saw—for all your basic cutting and woodworking needs.

9. Mitre saw—tackle corners like a pro.

10. Wet/dry vacuum—because a well-loved garage (with 2 saws) will get messy.

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