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Holiday shopping survival tips

Shopping for gifts with family in tow can be a challenging affair. Establishing when and where the excursion will take place and getting the kids ready can be quite overwhelming. Once you’ve started dodging the hectic crowds – that’s when the fun begins.

To be ready for any obstacle that comes your way – like crying children or impatient shoppers – the AIR MILES Reward Program shares some tips on how to survive the hectic holiday shopping season:

• Set a date for the excursion. A chalkboard in the kitchen is the perfect place to write a reminder note (or post one up on the fridge) to get everyone excited for the big day. Mark off days on the calendar and make it a fun holiday countdown for the kids.

• Prepare to give the kids an allowance. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but providing children with their own budget gives them ownership and can help teach them the value of a dollar – give them the chance to pick and purchase one or two gifts on the list (after all – it’s the thought that counts).

• Keep a stash of bottled water and healthy, portable snacks in the car for the next time hunger pangs strike. Shop ahead and earn extra miles at local AIR MILES grocery Sponsors to stay prepared.

• Avoid lineups and jam-packed stores and find deals from some of the top retailers in Canada and the U.S. such as, The Apple Store Canada, Sears, Indigo, The Shopping Channel, Macy’s and by signing into where online shopping can also earn AIR MILES reward miles with the click of a mouse – and get it done from the comfort of your own home.

Retail therapy should be a treat the whole family can look forward to and with these simple guidelines in mind, the next outing should be a breeze.

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