Let’s face it, the memories we create with people are what last a lifetime. This year, focus on creating memories instead of spending money. Your budget and financial health will thank you! 

1. Volunteer together! Local charities, food drives, soup kitchens, etc are always looking for help! 

2. Print your favorite photo of you and your friend from that year; these are prized possessions that we love to see in our homes and offices. 

3. Enjoy Nature. Plan to do a hike, bike ride a seawall or skate on a lake. You’ll create memories, enjoying healthy activity  and quality time together! 

4. Donate! Clear the clutter from your house, then donate it to your local mother’s group, society, or church that’s collecting donations. It feels good to give and someone’s “no more” is someone else’s treasure. 

5. Give the gift of education. Knowledge is power and if you are going to buy gifts, look to do so with a social conscience and buy from companies that support the organizations you would like to see supported.

 6. If a material gift is a must, what about the points on your credit cards? Perhaps you can use them to buy gift cards to help with improving cash flow.

Since 2004, Angela Calla has been passionate about helping borrowers avoid costly mistakes through regional and national media, including as host of CKNW’s The Mortgage Show and her personal practice as a mortgage broker. The proceeds from her best-selling book “The Mortgage Code” are going to the Tri-Cities Mom Group in Port Coquitlam.

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