Home renovation projects are not for the faint-of-heart DIYer. While you may approach a project with some degree of expertise, it can be near impossible to anticipate everything that could go wrong. All the more reason to make your first home reno DIY a super simple one. Check out these hacks for keeping your home reno short, simple, and sweet. 


Reupholster Hand-me-down Furniture 

So you’re sick of your old furniture. Whether it was passed down from your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents, the reality likely is that under the worn out couch cushions, you probably have a quality piece of furniture. Rather than tossing your hand-me-downs and heading to IKEA, to purchase something that is likely of downgraded quality, consider this simple alternative: reupholster. 


Subcontract Out Yourself 

Though your general contractor can certainly offer you some ease by supplying tradespeople themselves, you will more often than not pay a heightened price for them doing so. Instead, inform your contractor you would like to handle subcontracting yourself, or alternatively, ask your contractor for quotes and compare what they provide to you with what you can find on your own to ensure you are getting the best rates possible.  


Don’t Replace Your Hardwood 

Even if your wood is stained, cracked, or worn down, try to avoid tearing it out and replacing it unless someone with expertise deems it un-salvageable. Real hardwood is an asset, particularly if you have plans to sell, and it is very expensive to replace. Rather than replacing your worn out hardwood with a more cost-effective alternative, employ refurbishing measures, such as cleaning, sanding, and refinishing.  


Ask for Remnant Pieces 

For pricier materials, such as granite or marble, inquire to your contractor if they can get their hands on remnant pieces, which are essentially the same products leftover from previous jobs. These kinds of pieces tend to come at a fraction of the price as their wholesale counterparts.  


Buy Your Own Material 

Alternatively to having your contractor purchase supplies for you, you may also have the option to find your own supplies, thus ensuring you are getting the best bang for your buck. Of course, this is something you would have to predetermine with your contractor depending on the kind of contract you have entered into, but best case scenario, you could find yourself with a wealth of savings if you’re willing to do your research.

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