Whether it’s your first time hiring a renovation company, or your tenth time, it doesn’t hurt to be meticulous during the recruiting stage to ensure the best end result out of your home reno. Here are three tried-and-true tips to help you to refine the hiring process.  


Observe the three R’s 

The three R’s, when it comes to hiring a renovation company, are reviews, referrals, and references. These three, very important R’s should guide you from start to finish of your hunt, starting with canvassing friends, family, and neighbors for suggestions, and ending with you following up with references supplied by the company.  Online tools are also valuable when refining candidates. Keep in mind that contractors, especially good ones, tend to be in high demand and therefore busy, so ensure you have a generous amount of time allocated to simply finding and securing the right candidate.   


Do Your Research: Accreditations and Certifications 

Thoroughly researching the companies you’re interested in will help you to narrow down your list and get a sense of how qualified the contenders are to do the job you need. Take your research a step further and Google certifications you see on companies’ websites to ensure the accreditations they boast are, in fact, accurate and relevant, and what the requirements would be to attain such certifications. 


Set up Interviews  

The final step before hiring a renovation company is to actually speak to contractors from each company to check availability, discuss the project at hand, and get a feel for what communication will be like should you hire them. Try to restrict the interviewing process to include only a few promising contractors in order to avoid confusion.  

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