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HOW OFTEN SHOULD I PAINT MY HOME? There really is no set rule to follow. Some people paint every 5 years which keeps the living space looking fresh and up to date with the latest colors and trends. Others prefer to paint every 10 years or so.

WILL PAINTING ADD VALUE TO A HOUSE OR CONDOMINIUM? A fresh coat of paint adds value to your living space. It shows a potential buyer that the current owner has pride of ownership, and it gives prospective buyers ideas on how they can maximize the space with the newest and hottest trends.

WHAT IS THE BEST PAINT TO USE FOR SPECIFIC AREAS? Traditionally we recommend washable flat paint for low traffic areas such as bedrooms. We use eggshell finish for higher traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Finally, for
kitchens and bathrooms, most manufacturers produce “kitchen and bath” paint which is anti-microbial and moisture resistant.

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LUXURY VINYL PLANK HAS BEEN TAKING THE FLOORING WORLD BY STORM. With natural wood trending in design, it is leaving many homeowners looking for wood alternatives to use in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Luxury Vinyl Plank is a great alternative as it offers the same texture and look as wood with a much higher ability to withstand everyday wear and tear. For those looking for a tiled floor, the installation of porcelain or natural stone tiles require the addition of underfloor heating but Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring looks just as great without the added expense.

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INSTALLING NEW FLOORS IS NOT ONLY A GREAT INVESTMENT because it increases the value of your home, but it
is also an affordable way to enhance your quality of living. Of course, the type of flooring you select can make a difference as well. According to the National Association of Realtors, 54% of buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood or solid surface flooring throughout. Rustic chic hand-scraped, antiqued or engineered woods are being favored over other styles. The same survey also shows that homes with multiple different flooring options tend to sell for less and you will get the best RIO if you maintain consistency throughout the home. This may mean replacing the flooring throughout or selecting a flooring option that closely matches the color and style of the existing
flooring in other rooms.

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